Friday, January 28, 2011

Blame-game..not this time, let the dogs bark!

For a past few months, I was just in the process of knowing myself, and the process is still on.

Today morning my best friend messaged me, she gave me news which wasn’t very pleasant and had she told me this maybe a month or two back I would have re-acted to it.

I would have rather been upset, depressed, blamed my destiny, blamed myself, blamed the whole world and cried out my lungs!

But today when I read it, I kept the phone aside, because I had work, I replied after my work and asked my friend to leave it aside. I dint cry, no blame game, no dark shadows, no dementor moments!

I would be lying if I would say that it did not affect me, it did, but I feel today I am a much evolved person than I was yesterday.

And to my best friend - Baby, let the dogs bark, after all, they will remain dogs, and their barks will be nothing more than loud, disturbing nuisance!