Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The thug and my mess!

When all was a mess, it was still not enough,
I thought of a mess, which was prettier..
I smile, i laugh, even though i know,
The monster is round the corner,
At least those few miles i will feel the love
Yes it is love again, and it is me again,
We go hand-in-hand, partners in crime!
You are the thug, you never denied,
Meanwhile I fantasize a romance with you.
Somewhere, at a certain point, the thug knows...
He knows, his heart does skip a beat, but not enough to change the route!
Me will say never to stay, our destinations are forbidden...
But the path we share, must i confess, i love
Till eternity, warmth will always spread, love will always linger,
When thoughts will wander to our path.
For if i may say, i love this path, i love this thug
The day we separate, will be the end of that path,
Not our journey,
someday we will sit down again,
With glasses clinging, memories intact,
will remember the little love story of the thug and my mess!