Monday, February 28, 2011

Sale - no sale, its all about the right choice!

The major sale season is almost over, [to be precise would be over on the 5th of march]

Needless to say, its one of my favorite season, one season which I enjoy to the fullest..

Out of the sales everywhere, the best ones were the malls [I love malls]

Both the pune centrals, lifestyle, both shopper’s stops, SGS mall, jewel square.

Pune central

It has been renovated a while go, and has a huge Indian wear collection in the basement.

With many new brands introduced. But if you are looking for a variety in western apparel, then it has to be Pune central [university rd]. It has good collection [colours, styles, sizes, brands] and for the foodies, a decent food court too.

For this sale season, I wasn’t disappointed at these malls at all. I felt this was one of centrals’s best sale in terms of availibilty of variety of apparels.

Overall as a mall – its good


The major attraction for me here is their in house brand,’Ginger’ A young vibrant brand.

Girls who are into funky Tees, checkout Ginger, reasonable rates, bright colours, fun slogans. I like it. Also their bags and footwear are not to be missed! I got introduced to the brand ‘Forever new’ at lifestyle for the 1st time.

FYI – Forever new is one brand which I can say I saw it reaching the skies[in terms of pricing] It’s a very feminine brand. I have seen the rates literally multiplying every year!

The lifestyle sale was strictly ok this time.

Overall as a mall – I feel it needs to do something about it. The billing method/the attendants/salesmen, something really needs to be done about it. Except for the sales girl at the lingerie section, the rest of the staff have no clue, what are they upto.

SGS mall

If I would be going there, that would only be for munching, not for shopping.

Its not my favorite mall and last option to go for shopping. It has Westside.

Well, Westside, once upon a time used to be in my favorite list, its had amazing sportswear. But gradually, Westside has gone bad. Its repetitive with its designs, there is nothing new to offer.[if floral, and garden prints are what they like, then please get innovative in that atleast]

I have no clue about the sale here!

Shopping wise the good thing there is the brands of jeans, ad jeans is something which we don’t by very often. That’s why, SGS is not a shopping destination for me.

Overall as a mall – its decent, just that the crowd there these days is hmmm [not so good]

Shoppers stop.

The 1st mall in pune. Shoppers stop wakdewadi, I have nothing to say. Its just not me!

The Shopper stop nucleus mall, I like it. Its not too big, but still, it doesn’t disappoint me.

The only hitch, I find is they don’t have BIBA kurtis, there is just the whole salwar kameez ssts. The in house brand STOP, is not very great. Especially their churidars/leggings, are a strict no-no.The best churidars/leggings are those of W and biba!

The best part of shoppers stop nucleus mall is their salesmen, specially at the footwear section. They are exceptionally good, helpful and will definitely help you find what you want. The sale was good. The crowd is always decent.

Overall as a mall – if you go to shoppers stop after a gap, you will always like this mall! Just don’t be regular there.!

Jewels square

The visit to this mall I try to keep it as less as possible. Reason being – it burns big holes in my pretty pockets!

The sale this time was unexpectedly good here. The brands I watch out here, are MUAH, AND, CHEMISTRY,

MANGO sucks here! Its just the pune collection, I have seen MANGO collection at Mumbai and it seems, that all rejected stuff is displayed at the pune MANGO.

PROMOD lacks colours.

The best thing that jewel square brought in pune is and improvised trend of lingerie shopping. It is expensive but it is totally worth it. Girls save a little extra, but don’t compromise on this one!

Awaiting the next sale season! untill then shopping goes on!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday, the 13th

Today is my 5th day of 7 day positivity activity and today i want to thank those people of whom i don’t have to be worried of being judged or give them justifications. These are the people, i can be absolutely myself!

1 – Joysingh – jessy and baldeep, both these names will always come together in my life always! Describing the relation i share with them is beyond my words. I love you jess and love you my saxy! Muah!

2 – Fatanglu and Menon[priyanka] – Fatanglu who has seen/accepted/tolerated all my tantrums and mood swings without a single complain! And Menon, well...hush...hush...giggle..giggle...look here and there...giggle...hush...[to the 3rd person] what were you saying...

3 – Maathya – have had some of the best of time with him. The crazy bike rides and trips to sheesha, sitting on the footpath, gymming together and just being totally mad!

These are few people who affect my day to day life, most of the times making each day memorable[ it could be fun, awesome, not so good, bad at times...but always memorable!]

4 – penaaz and ninad – for obvious reasons!

5 – The MA team – penaaz[again], vinay, shraddha and the others. All the bournville moments, gossips, tiny-winy work. It is awesome with you guys!

6 – The programming team[my team], Aditi, Smita, Roshan, Ninad, Mrunmayee, Yogesh, Sarang, Ashish and sherry. All those songs, leg pulling, teasing, laughters, all fun. A full on fun team!

7 – i am very very very thankful to aroma cafe[the pradhikaran one]

8 – And for there being rivers and seas and beaches! I love water, love being beside it, it is the most pleasant sight for me! [thats why my love for Goa..!]

While writing this, my heart is filled with abundance of gratitude for everything around me. I am glad i am doing this!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday, the 12th

And here goes my thank you list...

1 – I am thankful that i have a car, It does burn a lot of money, my leg hurts at times driving in the mad traffic, but nevertheless I love driving my car, don’t have to worry about anything, when i am in my car!

2 – I thankful that there is something called is CURDS. I love applying curds to my hair, It makes it clean, smooth, shiny and so soft[ i just applied it!]. and it does not cost me!

3 – Thankful to my brother Abhishek, to introduce me to the world of Harry potter, who instilled reading habit into me and who helped me build in the bollywood madness in me.

4 – To my cousins chicky-micky! They are my babies!

5 – To Eric Segal, for all the books! I love them all, and my favourite is DOCTORS!

6 – To Deepti, Penaaz and Ninad to give me the name CINDRELLA [ for what ever reason it is!] i like it!

7 – For there being an action like a, ‘KISS and a SMOOCH’...! [I am sure, all of us would be thankful for it..! ;-)..]

Had been home today for just few hours to surprise my mom! And she told me that even she is following this activity i told her to..! And i don’t know if she feels any change, but i saw how she was extremely excited about our love birds laying eggs. All the while i was there; she kept insisting me to come up the terrace to see them! I kept thinking about it all the way when i was driving back from my home.I loved seeing her this way today!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday, the 11th

As I open my word document to continue with my 7 day positivity activity I feel all happy and excited and I keep looking at the screen for the document to open fast!

1 – The 1st thing I would like to thank today is, TODAY, yes, it has been a very beautiful day so far and has given me all good, vibrant and enthusiastic energy. Its one of those days, which I totally love, and don’t care about anything! Huge thanks to all such days which have come in my life and which will come ahead!

2 – For me being born here in Pune, to my parents, [there are several reasons for this, but for today there is just one] and that is Bryan Adams concert in pune!! And yes I am going!

3 – To all those people who have gifted me such wonderful gifts, which I have decorated on my desk and I love my desk, its [one of] my comfort space at my work place!

4 – For me having the ability to hear, because I hear radio/music all day long and I love it, especially when now I am hearing about the Bryan adams concert tonight!

5 – For there being malls [for obvious reasons!]

6 - For there being a camera, I have tons and tons of pictures of me[self obsessed I am, is what many say] and my friends, and love looking at them and remembering the moments when they were clicked!

I have realized one thing, when I start writing, I get so hyper active that there is cyclone of though in my mind. And the thoughts that come out of that cyclone are the ones that I pen down!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday, the 10th

Its that time of the day to thank! To be grateful!

1 – to the song ‘you sang to me’ by Marc Anthony, I am listening to it right now and I listen to it always! I just love it!

2 – to the song ,’when you know’ from the movie serendipity! And to all utterly mushy, stupidly romantic films! I am in love with romance and I romance love, these two feelings/emotions make me and I am thankful to them!

3 – For having Penaaz near me, I am extra thankful for having her in my office.

4 – I am thankful to My job, Radio Mirchi, for giving me some really nice people, some great moments, and some lessons!

5 – Thankful to Prachir, Prerna, and Manisha for giving me Mirchi!

6 – To my new phone, it was totally awesome chatting last night from my new phone!

7 – For the colour PURPLE!

When I decided on doing this 7 day positivity activity, Mohan told me, from the 3rd day it will get repetitive.

Today just being the second day, when I started writing, I realized, there are just so so so many things to be thankful to!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

7 day positivity - Wednesday, the 9th

'Try to find happiness in small things' is one piece of advice which anybody and everybody distribute around the world. Wonder how many of them actually find that tiny-winy bit of happiness? Its is a very ‘KOOL’ or ‘IN’ thing to say!

Today I have decided to practice what we ALL preach! Yes, I was contemplating it for long now, but I chose today, its 9th [multiple of 3(my favorite no) ] and its Wednesday[ its mid week, one of my favorite day]! These reasons might look silly to many, but for me they are reasonable. So I begin today the 7 day positivity, where for next 7 days I will write at least 5 things for which I am thankful.

Wednesday, the 9th

1 – I am blessed to be born in the era of Lata Mangeshkar. While writing this, I am hearing her, and for me she is God. Her voice for my ears are pure magic!

2 – I am thankful to Rj Aditi for flaunting my wardrobe [rather a very small part of it] amongst her friends. I love praises, specially when its for my apparels!

3 – To Prerna, for being a part of my madness yesterday and we bought exactly same set of phones! Oh! It was fun!

4 – To that night, when we had a night out at saxy sardar’s place, and for the 1st time I experienced a high!

5 – For there being a computer, because I would have hated to write this with a pen [lazy I am]

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My girl friends...!

I have never had many girlfriends, always got along very well with the guys, [havn't figured out the reason yet, don’t feel the need either]. Today, i am proud to have those few girls, who have been in my life, and seen me through my most sober, to most bitchy times. And today i want to thank them for not only being a mere spectator of my life, but being a part of the role i’ve played these 23 years of my life!

Jessy Joy

'you know me, you know her’. I wouldn’t even try counting years for how long we have been together, have lost count. People have always seen and known us together. If its 10.30 in the night, I might call someone else and not her to tell the reason for my trouble. [ She goes into the world of slumberland after 10.30 pm] But i will never have to relate the whole incident to her, she knows me so well, that just a word out from me, and she would know what is wrong with me! We literally live each other’s life and dare anyone point a figure to her or me! Then toh you are goneee!

P.S - our combination is incomplete without saxy sardar!

Priyanka Menon

Its been a wonderful 3 years [approximately] with menon! This girlfriend of mine is as honest, deceitful, adventurous, judgemental, nympho, mad, loving, sincere, passionate, and emotional as I am! [ I know you would agree with each and every adjective i have used here.. ;-)] After spending half of my life with My best girlfriend Jessy, i met menon and thought, ’it would be nothing but fun..!’ and its been so true, living each other’s fantasies! ;-) We both believe, ’we do what we like, if you appreciate, we like it, if you bitch, we love it more!’

P.S - Our combination is incomplete without fatanglu

Dimple Shivarajan

What do i tell about my little sweet and sexy daughter! The world calls her dabba, for me she’ll always be my dimps! It’s said that all big things come in small packages and she is a perfect example of it! You cant miss her and if you meet her once, you cant forget her, she does have a charisma, which cannot go unnoticed!

P.S - our combination is incomplete without N.N and P.P...!

Penaaz sheikh

Met her around 9 months back just doesn’t seem so. She is the 1st face I look for when I enter or exit my office! Around 12 in the night if my sms tone beeps, i know it is her. Not a chance we let go of chit-chatting stupid silly things! There are a lot more things i have to say about her and us, but it could be a little controversial, [I'm sure you will understand... ;-)]

P.S - Our combination is incomplete without Mohan

We all are different, but yet alike. What bonds me to them is my abundance love for them, my addiction to them, not a chapter i want in my life without my sweethearts! Luv you so much my girls! You all are simply beautiful, awesome and mind blowing girls!

P.S – other thing that bonds us, is the love for shopping and detestation towards people with bad dressing sense![ I know its not cool, but that is how we are, in our own very way, sexy, hottie bitches!]