Saturday, January 12, 2013

My threesome...!

Lot of changes, plenty of lessons and learning and the more I learn, the more will be my learning, it is a continuous cycle! Best part of these life lessons are the varied experience in a short frame of time. It is amazing how we respond to ourselves. It is , I would like to say ,’miraculous’ how things start aligning even when we give the slightest of hint of what we desire!
Funny are the times, when we realize, ’What! I did this to myself?! What was I thinking?!’
And then there are realizations where we come to know, each and every wish of ours has always been granted, and immediately next we realize.. Damn! The words i chose were wrong, this is not what I had wanted!’ and then is the learning – ‘Wish wisely, after all they do come true!’
Basically, self exploring mode is on! Its amazing to see how much we have got with us! At times it feels good to see our potential to be so much better, sometimes , it does get sad to know that its us who get in our own way. But we pick up the learning and move on to the next lesson.
The desire has always been there, the drive has always been there, the destination was always decided, however this time I choose to make the journey worthwhile! And yes, it has begun, the only difference this time is, i am trying to be aware of this journey! Awareness is the key word here! With it follows, love, happiness, understanding, peace, truth, commitments!
Its just that we love ourselves, and we love people around us and in this whole love affair we end up doing things which are not exactly very lovely! Love gets in the way of love and life gets in the way of life! But from here onwards, love and life will walk with me in my journey! Wonderful partners they make! It’s a threesome I have there – love, life and me! Cheers! ;-)