Saturday, September 28, 2013

You n I...We are so close!

So now we talk, heart – to – heart
We are so close, You and I
We share the same sky,
the glaring sun, the soothing moon
this universe
day, night and noon.
When busy I get, i look up
And sense, you looking around for me!
At nights, for my good night kiss you wait.
We sense it all, 
We are so close
We have all, the same all
Now all I need, is to feel your skin,
To run my fingers along your cheeks
AllIi wish is to place my palm,
Over your beating heart
I hear my name

And I have lived my life!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Up and down...

Its cliché, but its like the waves,
This moment deep down in the sea,
The next in the sea breeze
So today, its just not so pleasant,
The heart sinking, gut clenching
The tears leave a trail of white path on cheeks
But every day is new,
With the freshness of the dew, and the smiling of the sky
The heart will be happy, and cheeks would be blushing red
It will all be pleasant,
Its just the waves, down and up, up and down!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yes! You are welcome!

I don’t know how it happens, is it a knack, a gut feel, doesn’t matter what it is. But I just know it, when there is change arriving, when something new is making its path towards my life, I just feel it and I always tell my bff, ‘Something is gonna happen, I can feel it!’
And I feel it again! The only difference is, this time, I wish to just go with the flow and not think of it[is it good/bad...will it change me/hurt me/make me happy] I want none of these thoughts. I just want to stand by the door, with a welcome smile, after all it is entering MY LIFE, the most special place!
What is the point thinking about it, Life is anyways unpredictable and as my goofy friend terms it ‘Life and its uncertainties!’
The only one thing I can do and I am working on it, is make place for the new. It has always been difficult for me to release the old and move on. As much pain/hurt the situation causes, the release work makes it worse. Hence at times I just delay it!
A few days back I decided, If I have to attract the good, I need to have the good. Keeping this in mind, I started on my release work. As much as difficult it was, I believe it is worth it as one thing is definite,’ I am not compromising on my future, because of my past [anyways, nor the past, neither the future exists!] What exists is ‘today’, and if I don’t live it being truthful to myself, how do I expect life to be true to me!’
So it is a goodbye to the old and a warm hug to the new! This is life, It is simple, we create puzzles so that we can kill time solving it!
To the new – ‘yes, you are welcome! I am making place for you!’