Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Addiction? who cares!

Strange I never wrote about one of my favoritestt! [I know its not a word, but ya that’s how it is!] thing!
I am a born shopoholic, its just that the trait was hidden somewhere in me when I was a kid, coz dint go to shopping often!
It was these huge multi-colored, shapeless frocks that we, [girls of my age, at that time] wore!
I must say, my mom did get good stuff for me, right from matching shoes to socks to frock to hairband !
I started making an opinion about my clothes when I was around 16! And then started the journey to all shopping destinations in my city, and my hidden traits blossomed!
And since then there is no looking back, Shopping gives me a high!
I have heard a lot from people, that I shop a lot, I spend money, I am a brat!
But who cares! Some people – smoke, some – drink, some – party,
Some – go for tours some – buy gadgets, and I – SHOP! I am not guilty,
coz I shop good, I shop quality n I shop style!
If I really like something and don’t buy it, I’m restless & dream about it, for days together, unless I buy it. [ c’mon a good night’s sleep is essential..!]
For me shopping is limited to clothes, footwear & sometime accessories, cosmetics! [that isn’t really too much..!!]
I can skip a meal, but not shopping!
So two things I’m addicted to – Shopping n Movies!
Well, I agree that I shop a lil too much, but then again its an addiction & I LOVE it!
So lets go shopping!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Destiny - this or that?

So how does this work? Is everything pre-decided? As in absolutely everything? Like is it decided that I will be writing this post on my blog? Is every moment pre decided?
Or is it like every day or every fortnight?
How do we know what exactly are we destined to?
I am a huge destiny believer, I go to astrologers, tarot readers, palmist & every that person who would claim to know my destiny!
Some people consider it as an escape route, but for me it works!
This is what my funda is:-

The all mighty has everything pre-planned for us, but then again it wont be fun enough for him to look down and know everything is happening exactly the way he had planned, so here is how he has planned his entertainment! He has kept two paths for each of us, and if we choose a particular path, again there are two ways!
So basically its fun for him to watch us choose the path and also there is some suspense as in to, which path will we take! And on these selected paths we meet people and then our destiny and theirs get linked!

So you see, its upto us to make the choices, I wont say right choice, bcoz right or wrong is very subjective. I want to say to you all that never discourage yourself from doing something you want to, and your destiny doesn’t allow.Just remember there are two paths, you never know which path is predicted by the mortals!
The bottom line being, the structure is ready, now its for you to decide the interiors! I am having a great experience designing my interiors and meeting the people I love! My destiny has given a lot that I wanted, and I am waiting for a lot more, which I believe I will get some day!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where are you...

I believed, I knew
It was pure, it was true,
If this is how it was, then now where are you?
Those whispers in my ears,
Those hugs when me in fear
Those pecks on my cheeks,
Those naughty looks, those lovely flowers,
Those romance in rain showers
In the nights that never end, I dream
I dream of the promises you made,
I dream of the purple walls
Which witnessed the love we made,
I wake up realizing, I never slept
I ask you now, and I will ask you forever
The promises made, why weren’t they kept?
Where were you, when all night I wept?
I believed, I knew
It was pure, it was true,
If this is how it was, then now where are you?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

She is the joy

[dedicated to penaaz]

Maybe a companion, maybe a friend
Maybe dear, maybe dearest.
Vivacious smile, pulsating vibe,
Along with her she carries a bundle of joy
Pretty she is as a Barbie toy,
Fond of talking, is never coy
Saccharine is her natter, pure is her heart
Simple is her going, yet apart from the rest
Pain she will disguise , will give a tough test
Happiness n peace is all I wish for her
For you I know will have everything the best
Maybe a companion, maybe a friend
Maybe dear, maybe dearest.

Monday, July 5, 2010

And its till eternity...

And its till eternity
Its him, its her and its me
Together we are and will always be
For world, Best friends are we three
Do not label us, I say,
The smile of one, twinkles in the others’ eye
The tears of one, rolls down the cheek of other
Its him who yells, its me who cries, its her who resolves.
Together we are and will always be
you are my 1st love, I tease
You are mine too, he winks
Saxy I call him, tall he stands with his dazzling smile
With him I can walk a thousand mile.
She holds the strings of my life,
Fun we make, we are husband- wife.
Jess I call her, dusky is her color, pretty is her face
With her I can sprint the life race
Together we are and will always be.
Moist are my eyes as I pen my thoughts
For it’s the two of you, my life belongs
I am and will be a part of all your rights and wrongs
Lucky I am , I feel. Blessed I am, I feel
For the world is filled with hatred and greed
My world with the two of you is a treat!
Together we are and will always be
And its till eternity.