Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moving on...

Two words.. ’moving on’ 
could be as simple as moving on to another topic of discussion or as complicated as moving on in life...
Have done both of it, but this time I could say its ‘the father’ of all ‘moving ons’!
Oh yes! Thousands of questions, millions of doubts,shattering of the trust system,destruction of confidence,lose of emotions and I could go on. But amidst all this, somewhere in the corner ‘Life’ does smile at you, because it knows, soon you too will be smiling!
I read somewhere, ’You were never a waste of time. You were just the harsh realization that I could do better!’ Today when I think of it, each word of this statement seems right. 
But yes there are wounds, deep ones. There are still some mornings when you wake up and you realize, you were crying in your sleep. There are still some of those laughs, you laugh just to hide your tears. And then there is that excruciating pain somewhere in you and suddenly the emptiness. 
Its those time when you realize you were so stupid to crib about any other thing, because now those things seem awesome. But towards the end, there is a beautiful gift for you. The gift of 'life', to start new, to start better!
I also stumbled upon this line, ’letting go is easier, when we have someone to rebuild with us one brick at a time!’ I am super lucky to have my people, my angels with me! And I know what I build this time will be the most beautiful, most divine, because it has God’s wish in it and ‘life’s support! It cant go wrong, thats my belief. 
It hurts, but soon, there will be enough happiness to overshadow and fade off that pain. And I have taken my first step towards it. I am moving on!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Goofy Sunday!

So its one of those phase in life when life tells you 'Honey, I am life, I can do anything with you, absolutely anything! You either walk with me or rebel. This choice is yours!'  
Tough choice indeed! I did both.. and then made the decision to walk with aint simple at all, but what the heck! Life has its mysterious ways to give you the best, and I will play along, as i want the best and so does my friend Goofy! Life for him too is knitting plans, plans of success, happiness and contentment!
Both of us are amazed looking at the awesomely strange path life has chosen for us! And we met to share this ‘happening event’ over a cup of coffee, which turned out to be more than that!
Not often do we meet, but whenever we, we compensate for the lost time! This time the compensation lead us directly into the clouds [i mean it, the picture along with this post will say it all!] An hour drive with some of the most beautiful evergreen songs. Yes! We spend this hour with kishorda, lataji, jagjit singh and many more[some ‘not original’ too] And yes, ofcourse goofy and his ‘goofiness’!
Reaching at our destination, i felt like i was wrapped in the blanket of green! If i could minus the crowd there, i am sure it felt i had reached another world. World of beauty, that i can not describe in words. You had to be there to see it! it was misty, the soft breeze humming and then the occasional monsoon shower! The image is captured in my heart and soul!
It was time to go back to the real world and we took our steps back! The fun wasn’t over yet, i told goofy that and he ensured that! The ride back was with same old melodies and the same old goofiness![i am smiling while i am writing this] returning to our coffee place we laughed some more, sighed a little and made plans to make spontaneous plans! It was a Sunday beautifully spend with unexpected smiles which will always linger in my thoughts! All thanks to goofy! It was a special day and will always remain so!

P.S – that was your birthday treat!