Saturday, April 21, 2012

The brightest star – thats for me!

The American actor Scott cann said - Good things happen when you get your priorities straight.
This statement set me thinking about how prioritizing your life changes its course.
Instead of preparing for good or bad in life, I prefer preparing for life as it holds your hand every moment!

As I look at my life from the priority point of view, I have scored decent.There have been times when I have chosen my priority, and at others I chose what attracted me.
The most crucial point is when one has to pick one of this –
 - I WANT to do this
 - I MUST do this

My friend purple says – ‘most of the times i have decided on ‘i want to do this’ but for major events in life i choose ’i must do this’ Its a difficult decision as priorities are not always as attractive as the other options that you are leaving behind.’
So my question here is...then why is it a priority in the 1st place?

On which she smiles, her eyes twinkle and she replies! ‘the priorities in long term shine as bright as the brightest star and then nothing, absolutely nothing else seems attractive!’

I have chosen my priority, my other option being far more attractive. But I want the brightest star, not a temporary shine!
I believe it to be my most important makes me me sleepless nights...infinite thoughts...makes me lose my sanity...
But then who said the road to the brightest star was simple! :-)