Saturday, September 20, 2014

Who am I?

So who are we after all? Are we that sweet girl/boy or that girl/boy with an attitude? Are we that snob or are we the nerd? Are we the angry rebel or the easy going one? Are we all of these or none of it? 
I recently figured out, I have been an image all my life. An Image xyz person had about me, I have been that and if an abc person had a different image, I have been that one too. So basically, I have been just an image or maybe different images at different given time. 
And when I realized this [a few weeks back] It was absolutely mind-blowing and core-shattering! After I sort of settled in this new acquired knowledge about myself, I decided to do something about it. And I chose to be authentic! How simple it sounds, doesn’t it?! 
But truth be told, Its not simple, Its not very complicated either, Its just that when you actively make a choice, things start happening towards what you have intended and in this process, anything that is not a part of it, falls out. It could be anything, material possessions, relationships, own ideas/beliefs, patterns, likes/dislikes.
While this is happening, It does feel like your world is falling apart, but all you need to do is - trust, unconditionally trust that its all happening for only your best and nothing else. And as you start getting comfortable with your trust, you sit there, watch your life fall apart and you let it happen, you mourn the lose[its important, since you are on the path of authenticity, you definitely feel sad and lost, you cry if you want to, its just that you are doing justice to your efforts and your involvement with that particular object/person/attribute.]
And no more you will be anybody’s image, you’ll be who you are and you’ll have people around you, who also know what you know about yourself!And that would be great, because then you will have people who are authentic too! Well, that too has its own challenges, and I’ll find that out soon, but for now, let me just be authentic and drop what I am not and unapologetically and bravely embrace Me!