Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our journey...our backpack!

Traveling is one of the integral parts of all our lives. We all travel, long distances, short ones. Most of us travel everyday to our work places, back home having a fixed journey!

But what most of us havnt realized or have just overlooked the fact that our lives itself is a journey, which I believe is never-ending [I am a believer of re-incarnation] and in this journey of life, we meet all kind of people,

some are accidents [good/bad] some co-incidences [good/bad] some regrets, some longings, some loved, some hatred, some become partners in our journey, we join others in their journeys. Everyone of us have our own path to travel, but at some point or other, we do cross a certain kind of people, and this ‘KIND’ is common between all of us!

- the ones, whom we meet in our childhood/school days, they are the ones who have seen our most innocent side, and if they stick along with you through out your life, nobody else will know you better than them.

- The ones, who were just absolutely so funny, that forever in your life you are talking about the funny incidents, irrespective of you are in touch with them or not!

- The ones, for whom you plain and simply have dislike, without any specific reason!

- The ones who enter in your life when most needed and exit at the right time, you always remain thankful to them!

- The ones with whom you have done the most silliest thing in your life!

- The ones you have thought is right for you,[but you finally end up with someone else, and have no hard feelings for the others]

- The ones who bring the most genuine smile on your face!

- The ones who have loved you forever

The dangerous ones

- the ones who made you feel like a loser

- the ones who show you the most beautiful, unrealistic dreams!

Forbidden one

- The one who manages to leave a tear in the corner of your eyes forever, who manages to rip a part of your heart for ever, who stick on to a part of your memory forever, the one who you keep wanting forever, the one you know is not right for you. The one, whom you carry with you everywhere. The ones who change your life, and make you weak!

Life is a beautiful journey, unlike other journeys, you cant plan it, and that’s why it’s the best, it has loads of happiness for you and also a cloud of sadness, but that’s the fun part of this journey. Im discovering my path for my journey further, and im carrying each experience in my backpack! To everyone out there, have a blissful journey!

Monday, August 16, 2010


It’s the truth that reflects,

It’s the truth in your eyes that it reflects!

It knows when your smile is fake,

It knows when your promises are untrue

You try your best,

You say a hundredth time,

‘This is what I am, This is how I am’

But when your eyes stare...

without a blink...

Without an effort, at your own eyes,

In the mirror,

It’s the truth that reflects,

It’s the truth in your eyes that it reflects!

‘This is not what you are, this is not how you are’

You try your best,

You say a hundredth time,

But this is the one, and the only truth!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Its GREY for me!

This is one topic, when you talk about, people will take an extra interest, some pretending to ignore it though. For me this topic is as normal as my other posts, and without ignoring I do take a special interest in this topic, simply bcoz people get all judgmental and trapped in their own POV, the topic being PRE – MARITAL SEX. I read many articles about this and spoke to various people, this is what some said.

-Pre-marital sex is just coined in such a way that it has become a social taboo, but i believe its one of the most important ways of showing your love.

-Sex is not considered a sin until u let that thought creep into ur mind ,or unless u use precautionary measure and do not catch STDs. Ifeel that sex is more for the adults who have the maturity level rather than the innocent and irrational who just wanna try things out for the heck of it
-we are said to be a creation of GOD, When God creates something, He creates it with purpose and design. The Genesis account of creation makes it clear that God's creation is “good”.thus sex is also his creation for pleasure. I myself have experienced sex & found that as a soul meeting ceremony. Its the pure unificaton of two loving heart to express each other.

-Ok may be I sound a lil old fashioned but ya I dont and would never encourage pre marital sex. Not becoz I think its a taboo but I think sex is really sacred which should completely be after marriage. Foreplay to an extent is ok. There should be something you will always have to look forward to have after marriage.

-Sex is a very strong biological need. Although, I feel it's morally wrong.But, then each to his own. However, sex after marriage has a purpose .It’s a medium of expressing love between couples.

-premarital sex is individual based. There is nothing wrong if the people involved are willingly doing it. Only thing they must be aware of the consequences.

-We are a society that thrives on sex so why would that not extend to people having sex before marriage. Many people go through two or three marriages in a lifetime so they have definitely had sex before the second and/or third marriage

-Why should sex before marriage be a sin, be wrong? Its something God endowed us with. It doesn't involve killing, or hurting someone.

This is what I have to say -

If sex is sin according to a religion, so is drinking and smoking and eating meat.

There are people who marry so that they can have free sex.

There are people who end marriages because they are not satisfied with their sex life

What about polygamy?

Psychology says, that after a certain age, it becomes a need for an individual to have sex, or else it will affect him and his lifestyle in negative way and what if the person isn’t ready for marriage?

Then again, we talk for our convenience, that foreplay is fine but not sex. Now I want to know-What exactly is foreplay? Where is the line drawn here? Its as good as saying, I dint murder the person, I half-killed him!

People claiming to be modern, end up being judgemental regarding people losing their virginity before marriage? What has sex to do with a good person or bad person?

Is marriage a license for sex? And what if that marriage doesn’t work? Do you get another license or you don’t have sex at all for the rest of your life?

So what about watching hardcore porn movies and lusting over those unknown people? Is that fine? I mean if you not indulging into a sin, is watching sin onscreen acceptable?

There are too many questions? And too many answers for each question? And to get easy way out, people make opinions and judgements. And then the confusion surrounds you when you are in a situation, where you have no option but change your opinion, or unknowingly you end up going against your own opinion.

Just widen your horizon, not to indulge into unaccepted pleasures, giving it a name of wide horizon, but to understand life better.

I have nothing against people with either of the opinions,

For me life isn’t about pre/post marital sex.

For me life isn’t as clear as white or black.

For me its GREY and I have to see how much of black and white I mix to get that perfect shade!


Monday, August 9, 2010

I want...i dont care...

The earliest memories I have of my childhood are the times I have always been dreamy and lived in my own imaginary world, I had my own set of imaginary friends, my own idea of finding my prince charming, my romantic moments! I also knew and had heard people saying, that when one grows up, childhood beliefs and ideas fade out or they take another shape, basically they become more practical. I thought this would apply to me also.But I guess it dint, though at times I try pushing these ideas of mine somewhere behind my mind, just trying to be someone what others say. But after a time, I am back to myself.

Im still a princess with a satin gown,

Im still a princess with a diamond crown,

My believe in my ideas are still the same

Sometimes I pretend, but I know its lame

I want,

I want those stolen kisses, those bunch of flowers,

Those romantic moments, those dance in rain showers!

I don’t care,

I don’t care if its not real, I don’t care if its bizarre

I was a kid then, I am young now, I will be old tomorrow.

But always will I be a princess with a satin gown.

But always will I be a princess with a diamond crown.

There are times, when I am given a reality check, there are times when I witness ugly incidents, there have been times when I have gone through hell, but I don’t know what is it that still makes me hold to my fantasy land. I wonder what is it?

Friday, August 6, 2010

And, i'm not over it...

Complication is a word I guess an individual understand the meaning at a very young age, and experiences it through out the life.

The self war is the most disturbing and causes damages, which might not be visible by naked eyes, but it decays a huge part of a person acting as a dementor. [courtesy - Harry potter]

The solutions to control this damage, which I have found seems temporary and I’m still in look out for permanent ones.

I know time is the best healer, but let time take its time, I want to find my own way out for peace, peace for my inner self, peace for my well-being, peace for my people around me[who would get affected by my destruction] and more over everything, the peace I DESERVE. Because again,

I can feel the dark clouds hovering,

The monsters evil laughter.

The ticking clock’s devlish smile,

Refusing to let time heal the wounds.

The fidgety quarrels of mind and the heart

Oh, its so annoying, this feeling,

This feeling of being trapped,

Trapped in your existence.

Existence which will be till the end.

End… i wish, it to be happy,

Happiness is what I promise to myself!

So here is for me, and for all those who are not over it yet. Lets find another sword, another weapon, Im sure, someday soon, It will conquer over the sadness, the pain, the COMPLICATION!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Choices – How many?

This thought has been in my mind for sometime now, just dint get time to pen it down.

So this is what I was thinking, have you ever thought about that in our daily life, we have to make infinite number of choice, some, or rather many of them are choices made by our sub-conscience.

Like –

When u wake up in the morning, the side u get up from,

When you wear your slippers, is it right first, left first or both together..

Let me get funnier...

When you sipping the coffee/milk/tea, you take your 1st sip, and the time gap between the 2ndsip!

I know this sounds maddening, but isn’t it true?

Then there the usual choices, like choosing a dress to wear, to leave your hair open or tie it..etc..

And there are the important choices like career, marriage..

The point what I want to make is that the synonym of LIFE is CHOICE!

refer to -

Imagine, had Amitabh bachchan , had caught that train and returned back!?

There wouldnt have been an AMITABH BACHCHAN!

Everything depends on the choice we make, as I chose to write this post!