Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Intimacy with life...

 'I studied hard, yet scored less’ 
‘my friend ditched me’ 
‘my love life is pathetic’ 
‘nobody understands me’
‘my boss hates me’ ...and we could just overflow the ocean with the complains we have, and all of us sum it up in one sentence. ‘life is so unfair.’
A little pain, two drops of tears and first thing to be blamed is ‘life’.Its probably the easiest thing to do. And there is no denying, we all do it, even I! So if this is usual, what am i writing about here? 
Well I just got thinking, if life had life and would have been a man or a woman amongst us, would we still, so easily throw that ball of blame to life’s face? Have we ever wondered that when we say,’life is unfair’ and just then if life turns back and questions us,’have you been fair to me?' 
Really, have we been fair to life? Have we ever considered, its life that brings us in this world, takes us through our journey and then away from here. It sticks with us throughout, through our goods and bads. Have we ever taken this point into consideration?
When was the last time when you smiled or laughed or were loved and you whispered a ‘thank you’ or felt gratitude towards life? Aren’t we being ‘unfair to life’? Take out some time to spend with your life, just you and your life, say a hi, give a nod, let life know, that you value it, show some love, don’t we always say, 'we do good, we get good'. Lets all be ‘fair to life’ I am grateful, I love my life ,we are the partner in crime!
Love yours too and express it, after all we all need some love, our lives too! Get intimate with your life!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Imperfectly perfect!

I really wonder why does the word ‘perfect’ even exist. Personally I am not very fond of it, its an over-rated word. 
Most of the times I have seen/experienced in the search of this so called ‘perfect something' we lose out on to so many amazingly beautiful imperfect moments. The chase to ‘perfect’ I believe is the major issue to us. 
The horror of ‘perfection’ has been painted on us right from our childhood. Some of us are able to re paint it, choosing our favourite color, whereas some just get stuck with the same tint of the same color till their grave. Isn’t that sad?
If everything is supposed to be ‘perfect’ then what is the point of us even going through this journey called ‘life’ ? All of us here understand the importance of ‘perfection’ in everything we do. What I really wish is for all of us to know the equal importance of ‘imperfection’ too. Let both of it go hand-in-hand. 
There is nothing called as ‘perfect family’ or 'perfect job' or 'perfect relationship'. Its good to look ahead, but once in awhile glance back and appreciate the distance you have covered. Take some pride, you haven’t done bad mate! Hold for a moment, breathe a little, feel it! The day we stop struggling for perfection we will realize what we have had throughout was just so imperfectly perfect!