Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Post 30 - Another beginning...!

Today ends my ’30 days commitment’ of writing a new post everyday!
First of all the things,I am very happy that I could do it, without missing a single day! It is my mini achievement! 
[I am tapping my shoulder, now!] 
During these 30 days I realized where my thoughts queue up, when left lose! I believe, I opened up more,[to new perspectives, new ideas]
These 30 days, made me adapt better with myself, made me like myself more! I find myself at a better place today and I know, it is just going to get better day-by-day!
Life is good! Yes there are some chapters we don’t like, but then again, the story would be incomplete if any chapter goes missing, and life will always be the book worth the read!
I would like to thank all the people who read my posts. In a way they were a part of my this ’30 day commitment’ series!
I will continue to write, lets see what my next post would say, who knows? Not even me!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Post 29 - My shining star!

A day of nothing but pure joy, 
contentment and 
understanding of the thought,
It happens at the right time’!
My best friend is a C.A now![finally]
We have seen her struggling,
ofcourse only she will know
how she walked through it, 
we were mere witnesses encouraging her!
She walked the road, confused at times,
lost and weary, but not for a moment 
did her determination weaken!
I am proud of her today! And I feel glad I was a part of her journey! I know she has way ahead to go, with all her ambitions and dedication she is going to continue to shine [My favorite star she is!]
I have always felt that I am a blessed person, one of my blessings is she!

Congratulations baby, You deserve every bit of happiness and love!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Post 28 - World in our hands..

What is in our hands?

To love ourselves, to love others,
To laugh, laugh aloud like insane
To read our own mind, To feel our own heart
To smile, a genuine smile
To scream, let a few tears flow to release our anger, our sadness
To hug, a nice tight hug.
To be 'YOU' because inside you is the whole world!
So the world is in our hands!
Lets us all know this and live this world in the NOW!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Post 27 - My thought..

I just have one thought today,
'Keep enhancing yourself, in your own eyes! You are for You'

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Post 22 - Its the Fitness way...

I have always been fond of working out it could be because I own a gym or the other way round,, who knows! I have grown up working out! And one thing I have learned in these years, that if you are fit physically and emotionally, half of your battle of life is won! Fitness is indeed the key for a blessed life!
I have tried many kind of workouts, but today was one of the best - 'Kettle bells' they provide strength training, cardio, balance and flexibilty all in one, for more details click here - Kettlebell

I am so grateful to have a chance to know about this and would like to thank my friends Girija and Rohan for this!My gratitude mode is high again! Thank you life for introducing me to new experiences every now and then! Just one thing people 'Do Not underestimate the power of fitness and fitness doesnt mean being slim or fat!'

Post 26 - The little one..

When she was little,
She hopped and jumped.
Frocks of frills
Frills of all colours,
Two tiny pony tails
Always been yelled at
For chewing her nails
With those tiny steps
She walked around the home
That was all her world.
She grew up one day
Only to know
There is a world bigger than hers
Stepping out there,
All pretty and fair
It took sometime to realize for her
The bigger world has a mind of its own
A heart of its own
And together it works in favor of her!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Post 25 - A little change..

I try, I wish,
things that bring sadness,
I change,
One who denies change, is acting against the law of universe,
need I say, what happens then
Lets play a little wise,
Lets all try a little change!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Post 24 - Different, I do!

Not ever dew that thrones the leaf is the same
So is every leaf different.
No two things, as much as same
Really are the same
Its just like
When I say ‘I love you’
And when You say it too!
The words same, they sound same
And yet, its different
It will always be unlike,
I just have to know
Have to feel..
let the rest go..
Decide for me..
Which is a no
And which 'different' would I embrace
And he too will say ‘I do’!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

Post 21 - Drops of heaven!

Little drops of heaven
On my window sill
Bring me message from the angels
You get all that you will!
Soothing me they assure
If you don’t see the drops
Jus hear the wind or feel the rays
If none feels right,
Just tap at your heart,
You will get all that you will!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Post 20 -!

I dont need to say anything...this says it all! -

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Post 19 - 'Rumi' time!

I wont lie, I was introduced to Rumi only after watching Rockstar! And all I could wish is that, why dint I know about this awesome man before! I dont think I need to say anything more..lets just get lost in his words!

'Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing,
there is a field,
I will meet you there
When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about!'

This one will ofcourse remain my all time favorite of his works, but when I read the one below, I had moist eyes and my heart, oh my heart just smiled and whispered to me 'I know this!'

Friday, July 5, 2013

Post 18 - The black gate..

Some walk in
Some walk out
With a strong wind it shudders,
Under rain it stands
And take the glorious summer heat
I Have seen it for a decade now,
Second to my room, thats my place i like,
Its the area near the door, its the one through the gate!
Yes, the gate, an opening to my world
My precious world,
Keeps us safe, keeps us strong
I know, it knows who is right and who is wrong
It welcomes the nice, fights the vice
And yes it flirts with another one beside!
The tiny black gate, guarding my fortress!
Keeps us safe..keeps us strong!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Post 17 - 'Light-Dark!'

The light is valued only in dark
Once we accept the dark, we will see the light!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Post 16 - Random me...

Life is not what will happen tomorrow or what has happened is ‘NOW’ 
This is what I have recently discovered and come to believe it. I consider myself very blessed for my mere existence, I got the opportunity to live in this world, to experience life. Yes, I have my lows, and there are times that I crib, but then I realize this is the process of life and I trust it.
In this fun trip called ‘life’.I wish to learn more, know more, share what I have and enjoy abundance of joy.
Another factor I have recently figured out is that problems are not problems, but just unknown situations. We all have the fear of unknown, hence we name it ’problem’.  

Apart from various experiences,[through which I have got some understanding of life] ‘Writing’[blog posts, poems] has played an important role. I enjoy writing, have been writing since a very early age. It is the best way to understand oneself! I believe writing helps us get intimate with our own life, we develop a relationship with ourselves!
I shall continue writing about 'stuff' and life and random me!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Post 15 - Affirmations

I trust the process of life’ 
This was my first affirmation! 
I was introduced to affirmations by my friend Prerna. 
Affirmations are simple[positive] sentences which help us bring in great changes in our lives.[if practiced on regular basis]

My experiences with affirmations -

 - They help me break patterns, as they work on a sub-conscious level!
 - At times where I have been stuck at the same point[stagnancy] , Affirmations have helped me remove those blocks.
- My faith in me has increased!
- I have realized the power of ‘me’ and ‘my energy’
- Affirmations have widened my horizon and given me various perspectives [which has helped in various parts of my life]
I have used affirmations for every part of my life, relationships, health, prosperity, abundance, clarity of mind/thoughts and understanding myself better! Each time I start a new affirmation, my conviction is stronger than the previous one!
Its amazing how a single affirmative sentence can change your course of life!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Post 14 - I forgive me!

Forgiveness is the key to get off most of our burdens and sadness. First one needs to forgive oneself! The best part is when this happens, automatically, we end up forgiving others too! Life becomes simpler and easier. After all, when we hold any grudge, its ‘we’ who are troubled by it. So let go the troubles, just breath and forgive. It might take time, but the day it happens, world will seem a better place!