Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I now pronounce you friend and friend.

A few days back while chit-chatting with my bestie, we ended up agreeing upon the fact that friendships in our society do not really hold much of importance. It is actually just considered as a mask. It’s like you go to school, so you have a school mask, then college mask, office mask, neighbor mask…etc. We often hear by our family members that ‘family will always stay, friends come and go’ Yes, I agree, friends do come and go, we don’t stay in touch with most of them after a certain period of time. But each friend for whatever little time they stayed in our life gave us invaluable moments or lessons, either ways they helped us grow in our life in some way or the other. Then there are few who have been with us since ever.
I give friendship very high importance in my life.
Families are blood ties; marriage has a legal stamp whereas friendship is the only relationship which is not bind by law. Is that the reason why we as a society don’t give it the due value? Friendship is the only relationship which doesn’t really demand anything. A broken friendship doesn’t give you alimony or a divorce or any property rights. Nor is a new friendship celebrated the way we celebrate other relationships.[a wedding, a baby being born, anniversaries]
And yet a friend trusts a friend, how very brave and beautiful is this. One is taught to love and respect one’s family since childhood and we grow-up doing the same. But nothing is taught in friendship, the relationship takes its own form, you choose out of zillions of people out there those few people whom you call as your friends. It’s a risk you take, and it doesn’t at all feel that there could be a chance of losing anything. Our friends are our connect to our soul, our soul syncs with theirs and forms a relationship.
I am not undermining the value of families, I simply want to give the due respect, love and importance to a relationship which forms unknowingly and whether it lasts or not, it fulfills our lives with unforgettable moments. Our friendships are our window to our soul. Hence, I am pronouncing my friends and me in a ceremony where we are blessed with more love and happiness and many more wonderful friends.
I am not even mentioning about the support system that our friends are for us and the love and understanding that they shower us with.I merely want to speak about the value of this relationship.

P.S - I dedicate this post to all the friends I have had in my life [the ones I am not in touch and the ones who are there today] and specially to Jessy [ beyond any reasons]