Tuesday, December 30, 2014

You are a 27 year old single girl, shame on you.

You are a 27 year old single girl, shame on you.
Your parents are dying because the society is mocking them.
Your grandparents are dying, because they are dying to see their grandchildren get married.
Your relatives are dying, they are dying of concern, because you are a 27 year old single.
And you are confused and wondering what is the fuss about, why is everybody dying, stressed, embarrassed?
Oh you wouldn’t know this, because you are not a parent of a 27 year old single girl.[Oops!]

So are you against marriage?

Then what is your problem, just talk to the guys from the various matrimonial sites.
They are good, they look good, tall, educated, abroad-citizen, well-to-do families. So what else could you possible want?

You are not able to blend with the arranged marriage scenario? 

Hell! Why not? Every other girl in this country is getting hitched in the same way, what’s your excuse?
Oh, so it just doesn’t feel right to you, and you feel tortured?

Now you are just behaving like a rigid, self-centered, selfish, ignorant girl who doesn’t know how the society works, you have no clue girl.

But she does feel tortured, she feels chained and sad, she is unable to live her daily life in the way she always does, she is unable to do the things that she loves doing and comes naturally to her, this is not the way she can walk.
She is a right-handed person, as much she tries, She can never be a left-handed.
Does this sound dramatic to you? You feel she is living in her own make-belief world? Its not drama, it hurts..

Well, for instance..
how do you feel when your marriage falls apart?
When you are not able to conceive babies?
You have the best degrees and work experience, but are sitting jobless at home?
You are extremely passionate about your work, but still it doesn’t work?
You are a vegetarian but are forced to try meat?

[I could just go on]

Don’t you feel dejected? Don’t you still want to believe in yourself?
Then why does the 27 year old single girl has to be dramatic if she is not able to go with the conventional way?
Oh, is it because, she has always done things differently since she was a child? Or is it, her thoughts sometimes appears way to bold for your belief-system?  Or is it that she dares to be the way she wants to be?
Yes, one should try various things, but at the end one always comes back to oneself. 
Why is home the best and the safest place on the earth?
Because it is yours, it knows you, you don’t have to pretend. So you can go wherever or for however long, but you always return to your home.
That 27 year old, tried the way which the ‘dying’ society appreciates but she couldn’t live in that and she wants to return to her home [to being herself]

C’mon, all these are just words, you will grow old, you won't be able to have babies and then you will start being lonely without a man in your life. And then what would you do?

But, all of us are anyways growing old, and what if she doesn’t want babies and what if  is she doesn’t need a man? And if at all she has to, she can have a partner at any given age. Why does she have to go through the mess for something which doesn’t even exist right now? Yes, she wants to get married, but not settle for it just because of age/society. Just let her be! She is done fine for herself uptil now, She will do fine in future too. Just let her be!

Because, she is a 27 year old single girl. Shame on her.
You can only be happy if you are married to man [preferably of your own caste, I guess, they come with certain guarantees]
And what about your parents who have lived more than half of their lives in their own way, you want to let them down?

But what about her? She doesn't fit in their ways of thinking.
Its simple people, if she is a size 28, why would she wear a 32.

Because, your parents know the best, and if they say 32, its 32.

It doesn’t make any sense.

Its not about the sense, its about the society and only society makes sense.
So you are nothing but a 27 year old, single girl, who has a different set of beliefs and God alone knows, why can't you just drop those beliefs, stop trusting yourself and surrender to the conventional ways of this society. Why can't you just do what every other girl does?

Because, she is a shameless, 27 year old girl, and she believes in her beliefs and she will honor them. She will not go against her core.
She is this way, because the universe intended to make her like this and the universe will take care of it. She is not here to explain her pain and her suffering nor is she here to become a subject to anybody else’s pains and sufferings.
So yes, She is a 27 year old single girl and she puts down her foot today.
She doesn't care if people think that this is a drama. If you think its a drama, applaud and/or leave the auditorium.

P.S – This one is for all those single people out there living under the pressures of the so called matrimonial bliss that they are missing.
You are not missing anything, except the present which is promising you happiness, but you choose to let society bog you down and feel miserable.
Rebel, if you have to. And take the statement’Everyone is unique’ in a damn serious manner. We were taught this as kids, right?!
And to all the married people out there, Marriage is a beautiful institution only when one marries for all the right reasons and from the heart. So kudos to you couples who are happily married.

Monday, December 15, 2014

All within...

Crazy love do you exist?
If you are asking this question, you are not crazy enough!

Happily ever after, is that a fiction?
If you are not happy today, is there even an ever-after.

Is love for real?
Are you breathing for real?

Things fall apart, hearts break.
There are stormy nights, also sunny days.

What about my story? What does it say?
Its your story, write it the way you want, the more you are honest, the blessed you’ll be.

When I am sad? I have tears?
Your heart is full of emotions, its alive, it’s a gloomy day.

I am taken care off, right?
Honey, he has the sun-moon-stars at your service!

I sometimes just lose it.
That’s the beauty, that you always get back!

I feel better with all the answers now!
You had them all within!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Spiritual Fat-Loss..

Finally I have decided to write about my journey of fat loss. People have been asking me and often and  I find it difficult to explain, I don’t have things to say what they want to hear about the fat loss. In this post, I will be taking you through my journey. It’s not necessary that this is the only way of doing it or it’s the right way. This is just my way, and I am sure there are various ways out there, you just need to figure yours.
Fitness, gym, good food has always been a part of my life as my mother owns a health club. I have grown up knowing the benefits of treating your body right. I have been working out since a very young age, but I was always this tall-heavy girl. I wasn't depressed or sad about it at all. I never missed onto anything because I was not of a particular shape or leaner /slimmer. I got the attention, I always stood out, had my own style and had a great set of people around me, no medical issues either and I was fit. So I never had any desire as such to lose weight for an external factor.

Spiritual journey

There are plenty of reasons behind our body types

-Our lifestyle
-Medical issues
-Our mind-spirit-body balance

Many a times in spite of us being very particular about our eating habits and workout regimes and also medically fit we tend to remain over-weight, have we tried knowing what could be the reason? Here are some more reasons for our over-weight issues

-Not being able to let go of past
-Fear or trust issues
-Not making the required change when needed
-Blocked energies
In such cases, if we don’t release the blocks and break the patterns, the issues stay in our body in form of fat, for some people they get medical problems like high BP, heart problems etc, for some it reflects on their personal or professional life and for some it reflects on the skin or body fat or extreme weight loss too.
In around 2010 I got in touch with my spiritual side, I started working on myself, meditation, affirmations, crystals, releasing blocks, manifestations, balance, awareness etc. Mandalas have been a beautiful partner in this journey with me. While I was getting deeper into my being, I was as usual working out too. I had absolutely no goal or any fat/weight loss agenda. I was completely detached from the result of my workout. I did not put any conditions on my fitness regime. I just did my workouts and ate right. And as I started becoming more aware and as things started coming into balance, I started losing my fat too. Because of the awareness, I came in touch with my body, what it is, what is it saying, what suits it. Our bodies are very wise, if you are able to listen to what it says, more than half of our life issues would get sorted. Since then I have been spiritually inclined and now my work too is related to spiritual and healing aspects of life.

The workouts

As I mentioned, I have been working out since a kid, but since the last 3-4 years, I have been very consistent. I do cardio, weights, functional training and yoga. I have had phases, it started with 6-8 months of rigorous yoga, then I shifted to weights and yoga, later it was functional training and currently it is weights and cardio. I keep changing my workout regime every couple of months. The only thing I would suggest is that never do only cardio, always team up your cardio with functional training or weights. I listen to what my body wants and then I use my mind to chalk out the program and my heart to fully get into it with unconditional love, no goals, no targets, just fitness. As much as an expert you are about workouts, a trainer will always help. They help you go that extra mile. Keep trying new things, give your body a treat, your body too needs a change.


It is extremely important to eat right. NEVER put your body into a starvation mode, it will only take you downhill. No skipping of meals or avoiding carbs, no crash diets. Each body type is different, and to know your body type take help of an expert. I eat 6-7 meals a day and I am trying to reach 8. I eat rotis, rice also [not necessary brown, most of the times its white rice] I don’t take any health drinks or bars. My protein source is 4-5 egg whites every day, milk, dal, chicken, paneer, soya, curds etc. I don’t eat junk food, bakery items, nor sweets. [just once in awhile] I haven’t had sugar at all since 4-5 years. I don’t deprive myself from anything. Today my body has learned to eat what is good for it, so I don’t feel that I am missing anything. To achieve this, it takes time, but you can do it.  Nourish your body, eat lovingly, enjoy your meals.

Other tips

-          Get inspired by others, but don’t compare. Find your own way, don’t blindly copy anything. Make friends with your body. I actually talk to my cells while working out.
-          You did not gain weight over-night, you will not lose it over-night. Trust your body, give it atleast 6 months to acknowledge the fact that things are changing, patterns are breaking and now it has to get fitter.
-          To start with, I would suggest, join a gym or any group class, it gives you a feeling, that you are not alone on this journey and people are supporting you. This helps you boost your confidence and trust levels. Eventually, when you get on track, then your support system builds internally.
-          Always give your body one day rest from the workouts.
-          While working out, wear good fitting clothes, it helps you feel  good about yourself.
-          Right shoes is VERY important.
-          Always remember If you are fit, you can work towards rest of the things you want in life. What is the point if you have achieved it all, but are unfit to live your desired life.
-          Most importantly, only if you will accept your present self, you will be able to walk towards a better you. So don’t whine or criticize yourself, just be grateful of what you are and strive for what you want to be.
-          Prioritize fitness always, take out time for your body.  Start with 15 mins and soon you will be able to reach an hour.
This post is about my personal experience.  I wish all of you out there a fit and a happy life! Cheers!

P.S - I would like to thank my parents [for owning the gym!]
Bimlaji – who has been my trainer for a very long time [ I train with other trainers too but always get back with her!]
Prerna – For helping me with my spiritual journey
My friends – for complimenting me every now -n-then!
Tara – my maid, who helps me with my diet!

Friday, November 14, 2014

This too shall pass..

So here is the thing, cliché but true, running away or avoiding emotions does not help in the long run. This is how it happens –
A certain emotion [sadness/anger/etc] has entered your space.
Our first reaction is to run away from it or to avoid it, so what do we do? We distract ourselves. How?

 - Shopping
 - Partying
 - Taking a vacation
 - Eating/drinking [excessively]

And then? 
We are back to feeling miserable [maybe even more than what we were before]
So what I have learned here is, ‘feel it all up’ because unless you don’t release it on your own, it will find its own way of releasing, spoiling your health, illness, skin problems or reflecting on any other aspect of your life.
Its very basic, something that comes, has to release, either you give it a way to release or it will find its own.

So feel it up, feel it all up, cry it off, yell it away, feel the sadness or the anger.Its OK!  Yes you can choose to travel, but just a change of location wont help, as the issue is not external, its inside and its always as within, so with out. And trust that 'this too shall pass!'

The following line portray 'As within, so without' beautifully!

'Maine ye bhi socha hai aksar
Tu bhi main bhi sabhi hai sheeshe
Khudhi ko hum sabhi mein dekhe
Nahi hoon main hoon main to phir bhi
Sahi galat tumhara main
Mujhe paana, paana hai khud ko'

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


‘Breathing’ -  the very basic essential of our living. We are alive because we breathe. It’s the single most important thing to stay alive. And do we breathe completely? We just somehow manage to do the inhale-exhale activity.
And then when we realize this, we have to take out time and learn to breathe [meditate, deep breathing, healing  etc.] So basically we are taking out time from our life to live our life! [How crazy does it sound!]
My whole point here is, the very basic[breathing] here is half-hearted so are we really living a full-fledged life? We are constantly in search of something. We don’t even cherish our finds, because we immediately have to get on the search engine for something else. What are we racing against and why?
I would rather use the word ‘finding' than ‘searching’
Finding gives a completion, searching goes on and is never ending. I’d always say ‘I will find my way,’ instead of,’I am searching for a way’.  
And to be frank, we anyways don’t know what is going to happen; it’s insane to look out for guarantees in life. We apply conditions, evaluate, calculate, predict and after all this, does it sum up to what you had thought?
Breathe, breathe completely, let your stomach bloat up and feel the air passing through each cell of your body. With each complete breath, you will open up new avenues. To smell the fragrance of a rose or of your favorite perfume, you exhale completely, don’t you?! That’s how it is for life, you get the best when you give in completely!Live full heartedly, breathe like you are changing your world. Get your basics right, I too am trying. 
Exhale - hold - Inhale = Life

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Who am I?

So who are we after all? Are we that sweet girl/boy or that girl/boy with an attitude? Are we that snob or are we the nerd? Are we the angry rebel or the easy going one? Are we all of these or none of it? 
I recently figured out, I have been an image all my life. An Image xyz person had about me, I have been that and if an abc person had a different image, I have been that one too. So basically, I have been just an image or maybe different images at different given time. 
And when I realized this [a few weeks back] It was absolutely mind-blowing and core-shattering! After I sort of settled in this new acquired knowledge about myself, I decided to do something about it. And I chose to be authentic! How simple it sounds, doesn’t it?! 
But truth be told, Its not simple, Its not very complicated either, Its just that when you actively make a choice, things start happening towards what you have intended and in this process, anything that is not a part of it, falls out. It could be anything, material possessions, relationships, own ideas/beliefs, patterns, likes/dislikes.
While this is happening, It does feel like your world is falling apart, but all you need to do is - trust, unconditionally trust that its all happening for only your best and nothing else. And as you start getting comfortable with your trust, you sit there, watch your life fall apart and you let it happen, you mourn the lose[its important, since you are on the path of authenticity, you definitely feel sad and lost, you cry if you want to, its just that you are doing justice to your efforts and your involvement with that particular object/person/attribute.]
And no more you will be anybody’s image, you’ll be who you are and you’ll have people around you, who also know what you know about yourself!And that would be great, because then you will have people who are authentic too! Well, that too has its own challenges, and I’ll find that out soon, but for now, let me just be authentic and drop what I am not and unapologetically and bravely embrace Me!

Friday, August 22, 2014


So why is that we pray to God every now and then, even if we don’t actually sit in a temple, but most of the times, we are like, ‘oh God’ ‘hey bhagwan’!
I know these are just expressions practiced by us, but can you imagine how deep the idea of God has been marked upon us that we very naturally believe in the power of God. The power so divine and not seen in a particular form, as in we havent met God. [literally] We worship him through the idols, temples etc.
Wow, amazing belief![I do believe in God, I am not an atheist]
But when it comes to believing in ourselves [which is very much there, we can see,hear, feel and touch ourselves and we all have a form] we are so doubtful.
Why is it that we believe certain mantras in Sanskrit will help us more than simple affirmations?
Why does pujas done by pundits more helpful than simple symbolic things done with the right intention.
We are ready to wear a gemstone, but not sure about the easier and simpler things like oils or salts or crystals?
I think, we have been conditioned to accept things that we don’t understand and feel is complicated. So we don’t understand the mantras in Sanskrit or the rituals, hence its definitely going to do wonders.
Whereas, using an affirmation is just so simple, how can something so simple be effective?
Very easily we dismiss people saying, it wasn’t a good vibe, but the minute one has to understand the vastness and the role the whole energy system plays in the universe, the whole idea is dismissed.
Why is Spirituality not embraced, when at the end of the day all of us are spirits in our bodies?
Spirituality is not a parallel world or a different world. Its this world and we all are a part of it. Being spiritual is our natural being, which we simply don’t want to accept, because then how will we condition ourselves to have a complicated life.
When I say, lets be spiritual, I just mean, lets be all AWARE. No hidden meanings to this word.
I am a believer in God, the divine power, the magic of the mantras. I personally follow it all. What I want to insist is, only if we could have that kind of faith in our ownselves and the belief that we can shape our life the way we want!
The key to all is awareness!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Customize your fairytale...!

He swept her off her feet,
fought with the whole world for her,
they got together and live happily ever after!!
Aww! These fairytales I tell you!
I am not against them, I totally believe that all of us can have fairytales, I believe I too can have a fairytale or should I say, my fairytale begun when I was born. Yes, this is my version, C’mon if each one of us have the exact same story, how dull and boring would this world get.
What I am trying to say is - people don’t get depressed when the fairytale you read as I kid dint happen to you when you got in your mid-twenties[or any age] You are just looking and focusing at one part all your life.

Shift! Yes, plz make a shift in your focus.

Your story is unfolding every minute, there is magic and love happening around you, feel it, look at it! Shake yourself up thoroughly and ask yourself, do you really want to be in a position to be RESCUED by a prince charming? I mean if you are in a good place in your life and if you find someone who is in a good place in his/her life and if you people decide to share that space, laugh, be happy and walk together [not necessarily you in his arms!] Isnt this a good fairytale? Or is it necessary the damsel should be distressed and the prince should be some greek god? Can you imagine how much pressure this builds up on us.

The girl has to be sad [inspite of her having no reasons for it] So you literally spend so many years of your life, depriving yourself from all the happiness and fun that life has for you. You have the best of friends and a wonderful family who love you unconditionally. ‘Oh No! I cant be happy!’ You have a great job, you are a talented person, appreciated by everyone! ‘Oh No! I cant be happy, what if my prince comes and sees me happy and then just leaves, because there wont be any rescue work!’

And the men, well are constantly trying to prove that they are men. Here the definition of the man is – strong with muscles, rescue the girl [even if she doesn’t need to be rescued] behave like a guardian, even if she has a father, 3 uncles, 2 brothers, she might want a break from being guarded all the time, but who the hell cares, I am the man, I will be the guardian. Fight the goons, and abuse the others who flirt with her – hmm, hello, there are no goons and I like to flirt with others!

In this search of a fairytale life ,we loose a lot and if we happen to have it and then if it doesn’t turn out to be what we had imagined, we again loose it all!

So lets just believe that we all are having our fairytales, its unique. There is nothing wrong in having a prince charming, but if he isn’t in the picture, does not mean, your story is incomplete. And don’t be scared to be happy, people don’t create happy endings, its the understanding of your own happiness that will create your own happy ending!
Customize it and fit into it right!

Friday, June 13, 2014

People are intersections...

Road A is smooth goes straight, Road B is a bumpy ride  with plenty of speed-breakers, Road C has had its ups and down and lot of twists, Road D has been dug up and is a mess at the moment.
All these four roads, meet at the crossing, unless they don’t come to the crossing, they cant move ahead in their journey. Out of the long, tiring, happy journeys the roads have had, the intersection is just a small part. They all meet, spend sometime and move on, Some become friends and might move along parallel to each other and some are just on the other end.
None of the roads owes anything to any other road, each one is on their own journey!
And that is how I believe, it is for all of us. Each one of us are on our own journey. We meet people, make friends, lovers, companions and the integral parts of our journey are our families. But NONE of it is a constant. All of us are just a part of each other’s lives, not the whole life.
There is a reason, why we meet, there is a reason why we separate. And I feel that the reason must be honoured, but no one owes anything to anyone. Yes there are feelings and emotions involved, but those are by default, they come and go and are very free-flowing. You can not hold onto one particular emotion and live with it all your life, it is practically not possible. Its in such cases that we are not able to live our present.
We don’t easily accept this, because if we were to start believing that only we are responsible for ourselves, then whom would we blame for our miseries? How would we build up our sob stories? Where would the drama come from?
Man by nature is an intelligent being, we just choose to drop the intelligence and the responsibility. But you know what, when you see the bigger picture, whether you like it or not, life is happening constantly, it chooses to keep moving ahead, the ones who are sync with it, enjoy it, the ones who are not, find life unfair! Its in our constant need to stick to the past and the made-up idea of our future, we just happen to miss the magic that is actually happening with us and within us!
And it so happens is that, you be grateful to the rest, but its You to whom you owe, and you owe yourself a happy life!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I took my vow!

So I am free! I believed this up until now, but today I truely experience it! The Freedom, I realize and understand today is breaking your own interior barriers, removing the chains and setting your soul, your life free! And trust me only you can win your freedom! Rest all that we say are plain simple excuses – parents don’t allow, society is against it, friends disagree and one can go on with the excuses!
I have heard about bliss, read poems on it, and I thought that I have experienced bliss, when in love or with my friends or with a gift/purchase. But no, none of it was bliss, yes it made me happy, but bliss I found within me, from me when I settled completely in my being, without anyone/anything!
Yes, life changes, moments pass, I am aware my ‘this state’ might not be forever, but that is ok, because in this cycle of life, when I will come next time back to my 'this state', it will be a better one than what it is now! The best part is dropping of ideas and wants [which we don’t really want, its a way to keep ourselves entertained!] I wanted to be in love because the idea was that it feels great, I wanted to get married because I thought its an acceptance from the world. I wanted to possess a certain thing, because I thought it will make me look good.
And then I woke up one day, thinking, what on earth am I doing! For the sake of some ideas, some of them which are not even mine, I am living a life based on that! No wonder, I never felt really content at any of those moments! Yes love is great, but I will not be in love for its greatness. I will love, when I will want to love, not for greatness or happiness, but just simply to love. Yes marriage is good, but I will marry when my heart will permit me to, not to have a certain acceptance from a society [which is build up on some really contradictory and masochistic ideas!]
This is my journey, its my child, I will take care of it however difficult it gets. I understood all this when I took my full responsibility that I shall be by my side in sickness and in health, I promise to accept myself completely and stand by myself throughout until death do me and me apart! 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mysteries - let it be!

So how did some of us get into this quest of knowing our feelings and trying to be aware and understand them, where as some of the others live their whole lives without even wondering something as basic as ‘why are they doing a particular thing?’To such people if you ask this question, they would without any consideration just use the words,‘everyone does it!’And they are ok with that!And all of us co-exist in the same world, it does seem magical to me sometimes!
Inspite of the whole search party going on within us, there are certain things which we we just cannot find the answers for, maybe they are supposed to be mysterious or maybe the question is wrong. In such cases it is very important to know where to stop the search, because you may get the answer in the next moment or never!
A couple of days back a friend raised a question, I did answer it, but I wasn’t convinced by my answer. I decided to speak with my bestie about it and she told me, including herself and some other close common people to us, that question does not have an answer. So I found a mystery of my life [which is a mystery for my other friends too, hence going by the popular belief that if majority feel so, it must be correct, I suppose it is!]
Now the thing is, should I dig in or should I let it be? Solving the mystery might have its consequences on the other hand, if I let it be, It might just slip back again into the storage of my so many unattended thoughts.
And me being me, I have decided I will let go of it. I have a very beautiful and active present and I have a future to look forward to. I wish to do complete justice to it.
And as far as ‘the mystery’ is concerned, If it has to solve; it will or I’ll be just that girl, who weaved mandalas, lived movies, loved stilletoes and discussed mysteries over lattes with her bestie – The C.A! That aint bad!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Inside Out...

And when you thought you were at your happiest best,
All around, surround lovely and sorted
A morning happened, a day arose
For a surprise pleasant,
Something like a bliss, flawed yet divine!
And just like that you knew,
This was more than the happiest best
Much more than All, around, surround lovely and sorted
I found him at my best and he made me even better
And hence It is always, the inside out
The happier I am, the happiest I get,
It is always more..much more.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Needs and wants...Its all an illusion?

So what is it about relationships? Why do we need validation through them? I have always thought of relationships as a strength then why do we end up making those our weaknesses? There are various aspects to a relationship, I sometime feel one of it is ‘escapism’ We want to escape from the reality and hence we try getting busy in a relationship, being what we are not, just putting up an image and getting so habituated to it that we start living a fake life. There are times we just want to prove ourselves, get approval and feel wanted hence we find all this in a relationship. And then there is a feel good factor or societal pressure or feeling of being left out. I guess the list will never end.
The point I am trying to make is, if we dint have any of these needs, would we still have relationships? So does that mean, all relationships emerge from a certain need? And then the question would be, is love too a need? Do we love because it is a need or it is a want?
In my experience, I have had my share of needs and tried to fulfil them through various means, and then I realized eventually that none of them were a need, it was just an illusion of a need, and once that became clear, I dint have one and hence i did not feel the anxiety to fulfil them. So at the end of the day, it is just a perspective. 
Isn’t everything a perspective? It is just one world but each one of us has a world, making it a million of worlds. Each world is different and yet it is only one world! All needs for someone would be some other person’s wants and vice-versa. And to top of it, it might all just be an illusion! So lets just experience our separate worlds the way we want and live our illusion! It isn’t that bad! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Two best friends and a Greek god!

Girly afternoon, giggles and talks.
A movie and gossip round the clock
And when just we were done complaining for the day,
Appeared a greek God in casuals, if I may say!
Crispy cotton, white shirt on those shoulders wide
Blue Denims perfectly fit,
We stared at him, and several times died!
With the face so gorgeous and the body a masterpiece,
He stood so close, he took our breath away!
With starry eyes we secretly glanced
And envied the pretty lass he held.
Oh, we sighed, he was some sight!
As he walked away, we drove away
We high-fived God, for his well done job!
With this was formed,
A new memory of two best friends and a Greek god!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

It is a fix!

When the days start shy and the nights end bold,
You know what has been in store!
You have been there, done that.
Its his word for mine, its our word for the day and night!
It is a fix, It had always been, the fog uplifted today,
We saw it today, in the brightest ray.
Not too late, not way too soon
Just as it is, a perfect boon!
Its his word for mine, its our word for the day and night!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lips...happy lips!

It is those ecstatic crease, the corners of my eyes embrace,

as my lips graciously turn into a smile so happy,
naughty playful lips they are, the fidgety fingertips take a chance,
a slight moan, caress the upper lip,
while the lower one shares a word or two as its bitten gently on one of its side.
More  they  yearn for, a little extra they ache for
Why would the tongue not join in?!
And now its a different game all together!
So hey you there, thats how my lips write their own story.
With yours to share, another story to narrate,
As ONE, ours will be a different game all together!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

You for you..

So there are times, A few moments,
A certain phase,
When you look around,
People and people,
None, then too glance at you.
No words , no signs of recognition.
How hazy can you be; to not even be bumped into by chance.
Its then when you look inside,
And you just see one whole person,
Completely, totally, only for you.
And that is you!
And then there is a smile, a sigh of relief,
Because no matter what,
Good or bad,
Happy or sad,
You will always be there for you.
Flourish this relation,
Nourish this bond.
This one for sure is forever!