Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Two best friends and a Greek god!

Girly afternoon, giggles and talks.
A movie and gossip round the clock
And when just we were done complaining for the day,
Appeared a greek God in casuals, if I may say!
Crispy cotton, white shirt on those shoulders wide
Blue Denims perfectly fit,
We stared at him, and several times died!
With the face so gorgeous and the body a masterpiece,
He stood so close, he took our breath away!
With starry eyes we secretly glanced
And envied the pretty lass he held.
Oh, we sighed, he was some sight!
As he walked away, we drove away
We high-fived God, for his well done job!
With this was formed,
A new memory of two best friends and a Greek god!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

It is a fix!

When the days start shy and the nights end bold,
You know what has been in store!
You have been there, done that.
Its his word for mine, its our word for the day and night!
It is a fix, It had always been, the fog uplifted today,
We saw it today, in the brightest ray.
Not too late, not way too soon
Just as it is, a perfect boon!
Its his word for mine, its our word for the day and night!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lips...happy lips!

It is those ecstatic crease, the corners of my eyes embrace,

as my lips graciously turn into a smile so happy,
naughty playful lips they are, the fidgety fingertips take a chance,
a slight moan, caress the upper lip,
while the lower one shares a word or two as its bitten gently on one of its side.
More  they  yearn for, a little extra they ache for
Why would the tongue not join in?!
And now its a different game all together!
So hey you there, thats how my lips write their own story.
With yours to share, another story to narrate,
As ONE, ours will be a different game all together!