Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thank You 2013!

Its been a magical year for me, and all these people have sprinkled the magic dust! I want to thank you all and wish you all a beautiful, happy 2014, full of love and a year where all our wishes come true!
I somehow thought of starting with you Menon

Priyanka Menon – We are on different pages today, yet there is a certain connection, a very strong one. There will always be concern and love for you, you most definitely are a part of my life. I might not always agree with your ways, but I will always support you, if you would need any!

Ashutosh – The old man I know! I cannot pin-point as to how you have made a contribution to my life, but you have, in a very memorable manner. You are always very fondly remembered and as long as you grow older, and I get younger, you will always be loved!

Aditya – Sonu/motu I don’t know what went wrong, U were just not there, but whatever it is/was. I just wanna say, in whatever part of this world you stay, you will always be very close to me. I love you and miss you so much motu. Just want to hug you tight!

Akanksha and Anchal – My chicky micky, I just feel so happy to know you guys are in my life, you’l are like these precious gifts, I love to make you guys happy and pamper you. And its a whole lot, including Anushi and Ayush! My customised bunch of cousins! My very own!

My Family – Its been a year of experiences and ‘situations’ for the four of us.  I understand what they say, and they definitely make an attempt to understand me, here is wishing 2014 will understand all of us
 I don’t say it ever, but I am glad you are there [thats for my brother]

Ninad – No, I am not mentioning you out of any compulsion. I truely am thankful for your presence. I wish for you, the best of everything and may 2014 be the year of manifestations for you!

Prachir – You just fit perfectly in my life. I know you laugh it all off, I also know you are there, always! Fatanglu, world seems fun with you around! You will always be one of my most closest and loved one!

Bimlaji – My gym trainer, who has motivated me, and managed to play along well, with all my tantrums! Thank you!

Prerna – As I believe 2013 was a magical year for me, and you have helped me create the magic! Thank you, for this beautiful year, looking forward to another magic – 2014!

Girija – It has been a fun ride, and cherry on top was zambhala! Many more trips in 2014! Bags packed!

Nitesh - J You get an added advantage as you live in Bombay and I love Bombay, so double love for you! Despite of all your ‘bakwaas dialogues’ you are one of my favourites! Lots of love, and happiness to you!

And finally –
Jess and Saxy – The 3 of us have definetly had ‘some’ year! So many changes, so many realizations, better understanding. Its just all been scattered, and then collecting pieces too. I guess, i would be right in saying that this was the most ‘happening’ year in our entire friendship years! And we move ahead together, yet on our own paths towards our wishes! Love you people, beyond words! Muah!
2014, I am waiting for you, I know its all worth it!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Striking the right cord or/and magic?/!

'Striking the right cord' seriously, sometimes I feel, whatever does that mean.
There are times, when I just feel, I don’t want to strike any cords and just want it to magically be melodious. Then again I feel, maybe the magic is happening, and am not seeing it, because I am too busy being cynical. Its just very disturbing how we build up a heap of question marks about ourselves, based on some perspective of some person, which is again based on their poor judgement. And we know this, but yet we let it affect us. Are we really [secretly] masochistic?  We wouldn’t like to agree, but then is there a better word for it? This new year I plan to get rid of these masochistic traits, and I shall desire for magic, magic in every day, magic in me! And for this time, I shall witness the magic, not resist it! And then for all you know, I will strike the cord! 
So 2014 is going to be my year at ‘Hogwarts’!With all the love potions and spells of destroying the internal blocks. Its gonna be a year of shining stars and clear blue skies, eventually, it will fall all right in place, and this time I would know it!