Thursday, November 28, 2013

Love – not your cup of tea.

It has certainly become 
very easy today to say ‘I love you’.
It just seems like it is hanging loosely at the tip of one’s tongue, and there it just slips every time.
As easy, subtle and free flowing ‘love’ is, In relationships, it becomes blocked, suffocated. Then we start feeling there is no love, yes because, we tried to change the core of love, hence no love!
I am no relationship expert. But I wonder, if two people can share the common feeling of love and be in love with each other, then what goes wrong when it comes to sharing the life with each other in true harmony? After all, we say that love is life and life is love, so when love happens, why life doesn’t happen? Why does it go for a toss?
In all these years that I have lived, met all kinds of people, heard all kinds of love stories and all the experiences, one thing I know, for me, Love is courage. If you don’t have the courage to go till the end and then it is just disgraceful to say ‘love’
Yes, I agree, there are factors involved, situations and sometimes one stands too much to loose. I understand all this. But again, you have loved, c’mon, its Love, you owe it to love. Give it a shot, have the courage to stand for it, let alone be the result. Atleast try! There are times, when one just outgrows love, and in such cases, its best to let it be. But otherwise, if you say, you love and you have no courage to respect your love, then its not your cup of tea, you are just toying with yourself, trying to feel good about being in love.
A hopeless believer in love that I am, I see the darkness very closely, but still I choose to believe in the magic and goodness of love! And I admire all those people out there in love, who under all circumstances believed and stayed in love!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hers - one track mind!

How strong is she, she never knew, but today
She made peace with love for you
She knows all the pretty faces you smile to,
All the lips you play with,
With a stomach flip and a gut wrench, she gulps it all.
As life is to be lived,
She lives to the fullest,
With the fancies and the pleasure, none she denies.
Just moments of certain intimacies [with you], few heart melting gestures
And a couple of unspoken words, takes her off the track.
A few muffled tears and a sob story with the pillow,
And she is back in the game
With her one track mind, track of Love, until eternity!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I love you and you and you too!

Oh so soft, those lips on mine,
Yes yours,
Yearning for more, a little more
Being in love with him and another him too.
As subtle love is, it just flows and flows
You call me names and give me looks,
Do all you want
I do, all I want, 
love and being loved!
Its his embrace where I find my world,
And its his touch making me shy.
Not a bit of guilt, not a single question I carry
I live in NOW
With him, or him or him
And in every NOW,as subtle love is, it just flows and flows.
Not once I wince, and aloud I say
I love you and you and you too!