Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I took my vow!

So I am free! I believed this up until now, but today I truely experience it! The Freedom, I realize and understand today is breaking your own interior barriers, removing the chains and setting your soul, your life free! And trust me only you can win your freedom! Rest all that we say are plain simple excuses – parents don’t allow, society is against it, friends disagree and one can go on with the excuses!
I have heard about bliss, read poems on it, and I thought that I have experienced bliss, when in love or with my friends or with a gift/purchase. But no, none of it was bliss, yes it made me happy, but bliss I found within me, from me when I settled completely in my being, without anyone/anything!
Yes, life changes, moments pass, I am aware my ‘this state’ might not be forever, but that is ok, because in this cycle of life, when I will come next time back to my 'this state', it will be a better one than what it is now! The best part is dropping of ideas and wants [which we don’t really want, its a way to keep ourselves entertained!] I wanted to be in love because the idea was that it feels great, I wanted to get married because I thought its an acceptance from the world. I wanted to possess a certain thing, because I thought it will make me look good.
And then I woke up one day, thinking, what on earth am I doing! For the sake of some ideas, some of them which are not even mine, I am living a life based on that! No wonder, I never felt really content at any of those moments! Yes love is great, but I will not be in love for its greatness. I will love, when I will want to love, not for greatness or happiness, but just simply to love. Yes marriage is good, but I will marry when my heart will permit me to, not to have a certain acceptance from a society [which is build up on some really contradictory and masochistic ideas!]
This is my journey, its my child, I will take care of it however difficult it gets. I understood all this when I took my full responsibility that I shall be by my side in sickness and in health, I promise to accept myself completely and stand by myself throughout until death do me and me apart!