Monday, April 19, 2010


Temptation, i love the sound of this word, very classy, if said in the right way, very naughty!
I am one person, who doznt believe in curbing down the temptation, which btw is very harmful, and i am aware of it! Well till date my temptations haven’t really caused any harm to me other than SCREWING up bits n pieces of my life journey! I wouldn’t want to regret it, though i could have mend it! But why are most of the things we tempt for ‘not supposed to be tempted for’ by the law of society.
My friend purple says,’ I would go in hell, coz all i tempt for are cad-bs, ice-creams, cheese popcorn, cold coffees, higher level- LOVE and the taboo be precise-passionate love-making! So according to the rules, i sure get a ticket to hell!
There i put on my thinking hat again, wondering, what’s the harm? I mean, aright i agree anything in excess is not good for a healthy lifestyle. But then who decides where the forbidden line should be drawn? How much more is excess? This is where experience comes in, i guess. Experience tells you not exactly, but approximately what and how things should be done under similar situations [it can only be similar, as no 2 situations can be ditto the same]. Should i put it in this way that ’temptations are supposed to be sinful!’ thats exciting, and i guess that a lil bit of sin should be committed by each one of us, and i am sure we all know in this case, where the forbidden lines have to be drawn!
Purple and I are still working on our forbidden lines which keep changing with the evolving environment around us! For ex. purple had sworn she will never drink [read alcohol] but a couple of days back, she gulped down a huge peg of neat whiskey and was drunk! But she says
i have no regrets for crossing my lines here, it was with the best people in my life and it was an experience, dint like the taste though, maybe a vodka next time! ;-)
At this moment my bed seems too tempting to resist, for SLEEPING, i meant! wink..wink!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Species, which will never extinct!

I love doubt at all,i get along very well with them, but over 22 years, with careful observations and analysis, i have come to a conclusion that there are these certain species of men which will never extinct. And the the ones mentioned below are on my hit list!

Mr. Know it all
These kinds are found everywhere, the constant effort to show off their general knowledge, makes the person sitting with them feel like give the Mr. Know it all some knowledge about himself that how extremely boring, dull and annoying they sound..
So all you Mr know it all out you all know how it feels if someone actually pours a cup of steaming hot coffee over your head and yells out at you in a crowded coffee,’YOU SUCK!’

Mr. Desperate
I have to tell you guys, this incident. I met a school mate of mine after really long we started a casual conversation, which disgustingly turned into how desperately he is waiting to get laid! Ugh! Common dude,get a grip! These men seem so desperate and make it so obvious that even their female friends find it awkward sitting with them,
So Mr. Desperate, when the time is right, you all will get laid someday, STOP scandalizing the girls around you, it will just reduce your chances!

Mr. Dementor
'I don’t have a gf..'sob..sob.'.i have a gf..'sob..sob..'my life sucks..'sob..sob..'your life doesn’t suck..'sob..sob...GAWD! these people have the God gift of draining all the happiness from their environment, thats why i call them the dementors[ courtesy- harry potter]
WARNING- Strictly stay away from such people, they have no cure, they will suck away your happiness.

Mr. Experience
They have experienced all the situations in their lives , which their friends have, amazingly, its ditto the same situation. And they have supposedly overcomed the situation victoriously, hence everyone should take their advice.
Such men should be left in the zoos and then their experience should be asked, 'how does it feel when people throw nuts at you from the otherside of the cage?'

Mr. Macho
Girls HATE you!

Unfortunately all these men mentioned above have no cure and the disease is contagious, with time they get even better with their antics, which leaves us looking up in the sky and questioning - WHY?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fools rush in...

Is it really a big deal being single? For my friend it is, let me call her Purple.
For Purple being single is a very big deal, because 1st time in the last 4 years, she is single.
She has had a series of relationships over these four years, none were flings, she always thought,
this will work.’ But it dint, and she is not at all phishing for sympathy as she doesn’t regret anyone of them.
The point is that today at this moment, she is single. It is a little weird for her, as she says, ‘I never thought i would ever be single again.’ Well, thats some statement she made, but even her friends thought on the similar lines.
If you ask her how does it feel to be single, she will ponder upon her thoughts and end up saying, that she isn’t sure about her feelings, but everything has a reason, one has to wait and watch, what it is.
1 area which she thinks she made mistake was that she got into relations one after the other, without giving herself anytime to come out of her previous break up. And she thinks that this might be one of the reasons that her relations dint work. One advice from purple, ’Folks, how much ever tempting it may seem, even if its the dream person in front of you, do NOT rush. Coz if it has to happen, it will happen anyways, so take time to cross over one phase to another, only FOOLS RUSH IN!’
Another point which she noticed is that she always directly got into a relation, without being friends with the person, and somehow the person who becomes her friend, does not become her partner.Interesting! on this she says,’ I always find this friends turning into partners totally wonderful, also there is a chance of losing a gr8 friend, if that relation doesn’t work, but then again, the brighter part is that being friends, both of them are aware of each others behaviour pattern and hence can adjust accordingly, so its a good idea, i always wanted something of this sort, never happened though.
So finally Purple is single now, happy or not,or the fact that she is in love with her past, is another issue all together, right now she is just experiencing this new phase. We all are very anxiously waiting to see, what happens next.

Monday, April 5, 2010

She was till in love...Eternal end...

Sitting on the sill , she witnessed sunsets and sunrises,
With every sunset, her heart sank,
But every ray of sun, brought along hopeful cries.
Sleepless nights she has spend, in desolation
The wet pillows portrayed her depression,
‘I dint break your trust, my baby i swear,
I have loved you, and for you i always care,
I know its hard for you, life always is not fair,
But your trust on my sleeves i wear.
I dint break your trust , my baby i swear.
You will rule my heart forever,
None can take your place, ever
Happiness may you always seek,
Content be your life and never you be weak,
Here , i walk away from your life,
Leaving behind for you all my prayers,
Never will i hurt you again, the thought itself is rare.
I dint break your trust , my baby i swear.
I love you baby’, she sighed,

She dint face herself today, not even tried
Never will she picture again her as his bride.
The spark in her eyes were eternal,
She was in love and will always be,with pride.

Whats in a name?

Last night i was chatting with Aftab [ a friend of mine, who likes to think he is a specimen]. Through normal friendly chat, we drifted to relationship topic, which btw often happens when people talk to me. Yesterday’s chat kept me thinking about is it necessary that every relation has to have a name. I always thought that the answer to my this question is NO, but for sometime i had become a little flexible about my thought, but then again I am back to my original thinking. And i am sure many of us come across such relations in life, just that our brains have been fed right from the childhood that every relationship has a name. They all are just so used to giving names, its a friend, or a boyfriend or a girlfriend or best friend etc. But as i grew up, met various people, got to know them, I realized its not true. I have come across a few relations in my life which i feel never suited any of the relationship category and i also realized that if such relationships are forced up with names, they are screwed royally.[this was the only term i could think of to put across my thought strongly!]
There are certain people in life, who are more than friends, but cant be your best friend, nor your partner, inspite of you being romantically inclined towards that person[to a small extent]. Then what do you name it? My strong advice- Just let it be, you will relish the relationship.
Now the next doubt would be, about the limits and boundaries in it and how much ever people try to make it sound complicated, its not. Its upto the 2 people to decide their limits and stick to it! SIMPLE.
Lastly i want to say that there is no harm in having anonymous relationships, they are as special as the other ones, infact i guess, they are more special as they are rare!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

She was still in love...That night..

They were nervous, they were excited,
They looked into each other eyes, stood there together,
Should we, shouldn’t we? Was the question further.
That night the moon was the brightest..
Their heartbeats were the fastest..
They stepped closer and closer,
He bend a little, she raised a little,
Around her waist, he wrapped his arms,
Their lips touched and it was a blissful charm,
That night was of burning desire,
Their love was passionate and on fire.
Laid on the bed, he kissed her face,
She closed her eyes, he played with her dress lace,
His hands ran over her body with a slow pace,
With her hands, she cupped his face,
‘Baby, I love you, and i mean the most tonight,
Just you i want to feel me this way,for rest of my life.’
He kissed her back and hugged her tight,
She moaned in soft voice,
As they made love the whole night.
The morning next was beautiful,
woke up she in a wrapped bedsheet,
Shy she was and smiled she.
With her hands, made the bed neat.
Today she knew, she was complete.

It was the same bed, the same moon,
She wore the same dress, that night which he undressed,
Once again her heartbeats raced...
She ran to face herself..the spark was still there,
She was still in love.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

LOVE - the word says it all..!!

Again love..! I just cant get enough of it..and can talk about it for whole my life,
The common public have various views and perceptions about love. People go seeking for advices about love lives, how to keep it happy, how to make it survive etc.. I DONT CARE, what they have to say about it, simply don’t. Many times i have tried listening to them and paying heed to their advices, but nah...thats not me.. It must be working for the world out there, but doesn’t work for me, coz i belong to a different world, its my own world and i have built it in the last 22 years of my life with utmost care, love and passion and absolutely nothing in this world can bring me out of my own world, rather i don’t want to. And why should I? Isn’t this world already over crowded? In my world, I believe, love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to anybody. Nothing better like a successful love story. But what if it fails? So what ? I know it hurts..hurts deeply, but i believe its all worth it coz its LOVE and not everybody is lucky enough to have experienced it. My family, friends often tell me, life isn’t a movie. I disagree, life is a love story, where we romance with love, pain, sorrow, injustice.
And i believe that alike movies, my life too will have a happy ending. I wont give in to the pressure of this world, never. I love my world, i love movies and i believe, life is a movie its just longer than 3 hours. And successful or not, Love is the most beautiful feeling ever. If its love, it can never be a mistake. So people out there, experience love without the fear of the end result. If it works, you are the luckiest one, if it doesn’t, you still are lucky to have just been into it.

[I just watched bridget jones-the edge of reason. Its 2 in the night and i feel all happy and in love, i know, its just a stupid love story for many, but for me its a love story and that says it all!!]