Tuesday, March 30, 2010

She was still in love...The call..

She is fine, she pretends,
Wants to be immune to pain, she intends,
Keeps looking at her phone for hours,
Always keeps its near, not far..
Just once wants to hear his voice,
Just once wants him to say, ’How is my princess doing?’
Looks at her phone in a minute twice..
Wonders she, ’will the sting heal.. is there a choice?

Looks at her phone again,
Should i make the call.., should i say, i miss you,
Her fingers move on the digits, but in vain,
Scared she is, what if he doznt answer,
What if he says, ‘Dont call, don’t give me pain.'
Quickly aside she keeps the phone,
Still wondering, still thinking...
What if he speaks in uncaring tone ?
'I don’t love you anymore, Your my princess no more..'
Instead of hearing this, its better to be lone,
Thought she, wants to believe
He will call sumday, and not leave,
Lets start all new, we will take a step few..

The phone rang, She quickly answered,
‘Is that you, about you i was thinking.’
But it wasn’t him, the phone she kept,
And ran to face herself, looked into her eyes' depth..
The spark was still there, She was still in love.

Monday, March 29, 2010

She was still in love...The madness.

The strings of guitar were never so familiar,
nor was the color blue so lovable...
she still fell in love with them, very peculiar..
wondered she,'why my taste new?'
'Its him', whispered her heart,'Guitar his passion,
color is his blue'...
Her friends claimed, she was struck by madness,
She smiled warmly at them,
'Its pity, you unaware of love and its greatness'..
She was flying, waiting to romance the rains with him,
Blow her birthday candles, with him by her side,
To stand on the beach and enjoy the tide.
She dreamt of taking the seven vows around the holy fire,
For his happiness fight against the world, never tire.

She looked up at the sky, it was blue,
She heard the tunes of the string, but it wasn’t him,
The rains will come..so will her birthday,alongwith tears few..
Leaving behind the shattered dream ,
She ran to face herself, the spark was still there,
She was still in love.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

She was still in love...The ring..

She stepped back..he grabbed her
'I know you love me', he said...'accept it!'
'The courage i lack', she quivered,
'Scared i am, is this true or an illusion,
What if you leave? Its all a confusion.'
He held her tight, close to him,
She gave an unwilling fight, to free herself,
'You want me to hold you, you want me feel you', adamant he said,
'I love you crazily, you have no clue.
We are meant to be, you and me, without you i would be dead'.
She trembled in his arm, tears trickling down her cheeks,
'I love you too, don’t you see, you are my only dream, only hope'.
On his knee he went,'Be my girl, with you by my side,
All difficulties, all hurdles we shall cope'.
She smiled, he slid the ring in her finger and held her tight,
In his arms, she spent the rest of the night.

She sat by the bedside, looking at the ring,
Thinking, would my love it bring..?
Her fright then was right, he would go someday,
And leave her in the journey mid way.
She ran to face herself, the spark was there,
She was still in love..

Friday, March 26, 2010

She was still in love...The memory lane.

She walked down the lanes alone, where once she held his hands and walked..
She looked around, it was the same street,
The same people, same smiles..life for them seemed like a treat..
She missed him, to hide her tears, looked down to her feet,
'I love that trinket on your ankle...'
startled... she looked up, the world around her came to a still..
'Where are you baby?' she cried..
It was him, his voice...he is here,
To catch a glimpse of him, she tried
She closed her eyes and felt...he was near,
'My love, i am here, no tear, no fear,
I will take you away in my world, and love you till eternity.'
'Take me away baby, take me away' she plead.
Heard the murmuring of people, the noise of the traffic,
She opened her eyes...stood there all alone ,
Felt her heart prick...
She ran to face herself...saw the spark yet again,
she knew it..she was still in love...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

She was still in love...The tears

I need you...were his words, evertime he embraced her
Don’t leave me....he asked for, everytime he caressed her,
He hurt her at times, she caused him pain at times,
In anger they hung the phone...
And later for hours they moaned...waiting for that one ring..
Her heart skipped a beat, when she heard tring tring..
She answered the call and weeped in delight...
I love you my baby, i am sorry, i was wrong and you were right..
Stern in his voice he made a demand, Never apologise,
where there is love, nothing is wrong honey..
everything is lovely and nice..
The urge to meet was even more then, distance between them was unbearable,
She saw him ,he stood and admired her, she rushed to him...
He cupped her face and lifted it up, she dint utter a word..was unable..
He wiped the drops of tears, streaming through her eyes...said,
They are precious my dear, don’t lose it, for me its not bearable...

Sitting at the window, she felt a drop on her finger,
She raised her hand to wipe the tears, but stopped mid way,
Maybe he will come...kiss away the tears, and not let the pain linger,
She waited till the last sun ray...
untill it was dark..and ran to face herself,
she saw the spark,
thought this time, maybe its just the tear....
She wiped them off hastily, and she knew it...
The spark was there...she was still in love..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

She was still in love...The dream

She was in ecstacy...
it was evening...she had spend the whole day with him...
He had called her , when the day began,
She was elated, when she heard him,
Her hopes were dim of hearing her love again,
But the new ray of sun, made her life bright and filled it with fun,
She wore the prettiest dress and let her hair be a mess,
as he always said,
'I love your wavy tress and looks even better if its in a mess,
You look like my sweet angel and in love i fell with your beautiful eyes..'
She blushed...she smiled as she took a stroll down the memory lane...

The day had come to an end, he had kissed her cheek, she ruffled his hair,
He kissed her lips, this sensation was rare..
It was time to say goodbye..she fell in his arms and looked into his eyes,
She saw the spark...she knew, he was still in love...
They drew closer for the goodbye kiss...
She was waiting for this moment and was in bliss..
She closed her eyes as she felt his breath....she opened her eyes for a split,
And there she was in her room, brightly lit...
It was the new ray of the sun, but it didn't bring along any fun,
The spark in his eyes was just a dream,
She ran to face herself...the spark in her eyes was real ..
She knew it...she still was in love..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

She was still in love...

She woke up to the sun rise... rubbed her still sleepy...dreamy eyes...
Told herself, its a new day, even the sun had a new ray!
So she was hopeful again...and her dreams seemed to be real again..
The day passed by...she wondered ...nothing has changed yet..why?
She smiled hopefully, believed the moon will bring good news,
But the stars took over the sky that night,
The moon didn't show up and added to her plight,
Never mind, she said, its not the end, the sun will shine tomorrow again ..
Before she knocked on the doors of her dream, she faced herself again,
She saw the spark in her eyes yet again...and knew it..
she was still in love...

architect v/s creative brain...

The other day, when my best friend was busy take lessons of her kids..[not biological...!] and i was busy fiddling with my mobile...then entered the architect...! Though he is speacial to my best friend, but she just gave him a glance and a sweet smile..aawww..!!
and got back to her then changed profession from a C.A to a commerce teacher!!
That left the 3 of us...the architect, the creative brain..[hmm, well...thats me..!!]
and our favorite buddy LUDO..!![ in a very short time, this game has won all our hearts..!!]
Then started the game between the self-claimed king of ludo..i.e the architect and between the master-mind i.e me![ its my blog, obviously i'l give myself better recognition!]
so we played...the dice playing its own trick from changing its position to..'1' from '6'... and my best friend giving us glances [ which meant, we should tone down our exicitement levels, as the 2 kids are trying 2 study..]... after around 20 minutes, I was declared the clear winner, but our dear architect wasnt exactly happy, so he came up with the idea of playing reverse ludo, hoping to defeat the creative brain! I was in for it..then started, the funny, a lil confusing reverse game of ludo...after much awaited anticipation of who will be the winner, the creative brain emerged as the winner again!!
so be it plain or reverse...watch out for the master mind/ creative brain/ me in the game of ludo!!

p.s- my favorite opponent is sardar!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

It was then...it is now...

It was then...
They met, they smiled, he touched...she blushed...
The world seemed like a blue sky, these two floating on the clouds!
He longed to meet her, she craved to see him...
The stars and the moon...flowers and the dew...rains and the spring..
they all seemed so close..so near..
It was their world..they were in love and there was no fear.
It was time to part, just until they met again, she looked back at him,
He waved, she saw a spark in his eyes and ran to face herself,
She saw the spark in her eyes too, now she knew,
They were in love...!

It is now...
They meet, they smile...he touches, she still blushes,
She says,’i love you’...he says,’i love you too’...
Its time to part again, untill they meet , she looks back at him, he waves..
She runs to face herself, the spark is still there....
in her eyes...
Why was it missing from his..?
She knew it now, she was still in love...

Mistakes we make...

Before i start writing anything...i would like to dedicate this to a friend of mine...

Everybody makes mistakes, but some commit sinful crimes!! and i know a friend, who also agrees to what he did was heinous! well...lemme give a name to this friend..-GOOFY!!

well so Goofy is this smart, intellectual, witty guy...[ sometimes his intellectual level is disturbing...and some term it as 'irritating'...!!] Appearance wise, Goofy is tall, good-looking, sturdy/huge...

Suddenly at the young age 17..his brains decide to leave him and go on a break! So now Goofy is clueless about functioning of life without brains. and this is when he becomes a criminal and commits a crime. The impact was so disastrous, that even after 5 years, it still haunts him and his friends [including me] I being his friend, obviously tried explaining the spectators that this isnt him, but his brainless mind..!

After a year, when his brains were back from the vacation, they were shocked to see the damage and immediately did the damage control, So Goofy was a free man again and since then has lived a charming life without any more sins.[ his brains refuse to go on any vacation now, after seeing what had happened in their abscence.]

what exactly was the crime, and who were the other characters involved in this crime, i'l talk about it some other time!

P.S - Goofy...i had tried to save u then, and i will try 2 save u further also!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

the wait continues...

I am still waiting for that 1 call... and i am waiting for it since ages... i know someday that call will come and then things will be different[ for better ofcourse..] the change could be in my personal life or professional or even better if its BOTH!![ im greedy for good things in life..!]

Every one awaits for that 1 opportunity in their life... there are many who miss it... some ignore it...thinking they will get a better one[ dint i mention, being greedy,] and some are still waiting... and for some that never comes[ thats what they think]...

I got everything in my life, for some i really had to wait...some i got by just clicking my fingers!!

some i got and let go [ i realized, i dint want it] . I am a believer in miracles, thats why i never lose hope! and now i am hoping for that 1 call..tring...tring..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The wait..

I am waiting for tomorrow...for 11 am...its important for me...or should i say very important.
At this moment i actually do not know the importance..unless i get it!
just hoping for the best...wish me luck!

to be continued...


This list is for all those who are special to me[ofcourse..they dont need a list to know me...] but in case if there is any confusion, this list will help them..And those who dont know me well...this is a MUST to-do- list is for you...!

1. The 'P' word..very important..PAMPER me!
2. I am a very good friend[m not boasting] jus have a lil patience...
3. I am a listener, but i love talking..so plz LISTEN.
4. Surprise me! not essentially with gifts, but sweet messages..[i like to know my importance..]
5. Never hesitate to discuss anything with me..also at any time..[24/7]
6. Dont make me a priorty unless sure of maintaining it. [It hurts deeply, if i am dropped of anyone's priority list..]
7. I am fun to be with, but when not in mood, PLEASE do not try asking me again and again..'What happened..tell na..if you wont tell me..whom you'l tell..'...DONT do that...i, on my own will eventually speak out the reason...
8. I am a little extra moody...so..just be there without trying to know too much...sometimes just the presence of the person, makes wonders for me!
9. Do NOT walk away...if i have ever told anyone, that s/he is special to me. I really mean it...and if the person leaves, s/he will take along a part of me, leaving me incomplete...and in that case[people walking away] someday nothing will be left within me...
10. last but most important..UNDERSTAND me...[its a lil difficult] but still...

p.s.- i sometimes say things, which i shouldnt, apologising to everyone, and my apologies in advance to those who havent sen my nasty side yet..but might in future....!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

13 to 23...

It was at 13, that i started counting years...for my wedding!! i figured out then atleast 10 more to go...And then i was like, how on earth will these 10 years pass by? what if it never comes? what if i'l never get married? what if i die?

well, it wil be 10 years on may 3rd!! According to the 13 yr old Anshu...finally her wait is over!

It was at the age of 21, that i decided...What is the hurry? Why marry? Why not make a good career, earn and live life? And i got myself engrossed with my career!!

Today , i am on the edge of being 23, looking for a job AND thinking about marriage!!

But throughout this journey, one element was common, the thought...the curiousity..the anxiety..to know...WHO will he be? My brain says...let it be a surprise!! but my heart[ which...btw always works in exact opposite way..] craves to know him...just a hint...small one...

is that YOU?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Love or Life...?

This is the favorite topic of discussion for my best friend and me. We do not have any arguements, or win-lose situations as such...but, she is always very sure of what she has to say, because it works for her and she is HAPPY with it...[she believes in life..]

On the other hand, me who lives in my own fantasy land,believes in LOVE...[sweep you off your feet kinds] but some how I am not able to put my point across well, because unfortunately it hasnt worked for me... but c'mon its LOVE...i mean if love is life...then why the question' love or life?' and if at all this question rises, then? then what?

These are my questions:-

1. Isnt love supposed to be the best thing to happen to any one?

2. How far is one supposed to compromise with ones identity/principles in love?

3. If one really has to compromise in the above mentioned attributes, then is it worth it?

4. How important is compatibility, or rather what is more important love or compatibility?

5. If not compatible, should the couple still stay together for the sake of love?

6. if not peaceful, then is it worth? or should one keep trying? but try till when?

The day i get answers to these queries, i will be able to justify my percpective, till then should i believe what my best friend says...'If love doesnt let you live, then let go of it..'....really? let go of LOVE?