Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thank You 2013!

Its been a magical year for me, and all these people have sprinkled the magic dust! I want to thank you all and wish you all a beautiful, happy 2014, full of love and a year where all our wishes come true!
I somehow thought of starting with you Menon

Priyanka Menon – We are on different pages today, yet there is a certain connection, a very strong one. There will always be concern and love for you, you most definitely are a part of my life. I might not always agree with your ways, but I will always support you, if you would need any!

Ashutosh – The old man I know! I cannot pin-point as to how you have made a contribution to my life, but you have, in a very memorable manner. You are always very fondly remembered and as long as you grow older, and I get younger, you will always be loved!

Aditya – Sonu/motu I don’t know what went wrong, U were just not there, but whatever it is/was. I just wanna say, in whatever part of this world you stay, you will always be very close to me. I love you and miss you so much motu. Just want to hug you tight!

Akanksha and Anchal – My chicky micky, I just feel so happy to know you guys are in my life, you’l are like these precious gifts, I love to make you guys happy and pamper you. And its a whole lot, including Anushi and Ayush! My customised bunch of cousins! My very own!

My Family – Its been a year of experiences and ‘situations’ for the four of us.  I understand what they say, and they definitely make an attempt to understand me, here is wishing 2014 will understand all of us
 I don’t say it ever, but I am glad you are there [thats for my brother]

Ninad – No, I am not mentioning you out of any compulsion. I truely am thankful for your presence. I wish for you, the best of everything and may 2014 be the year of manifestations for you!

Prachir – You just fit perfectly in my life. I know you laugh it all off, I also know you are there, always! Fatanglu, world seems fun with you around! You will always be one of my most closest and loved one!

Bimlaji – My gym trainer, who has motivated me, and managed to play along well, with all my tantrums! Thank you!

Prerna – As I believe 2013 was a magical year for me, and you have helped me create the magic! Thank you, for this beautiful year, looking forward to another magic – 2014!

Girija – It has been a fun ride, and cherry on top was zambhala! Many more trips in 2014! Bags packed!

Nitesh - J You get an added advantage as you live in Bombay and I love Bombay, so double love for you! Despite of all your ‘bakwaas dialogues’ you are one of my favourites! Lots of love, and happiness to you!

And finally –
Jess and Saxy – The 3 of us have definetly had ‘some’ year! So many changes, so many realizations, better understanding. Its just all been scattered, and then collecting pieces too. I guess, i would be right in saying that this was the most ‘happening’ year in our entire friendship years! And we move ahead together, yet on our own paths towards our wishes! Love you people, beyond words! Muah!
2014, I am waiting for you, I know its all worth it!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Striking the right cord or/and magic?/!

'Striking the right cord' seriously, sometimes I feel, whatever does that mean.
There are times, when I just feel, I don’t want to strike any cords and just want it to magically be melodious. Then again I feel, maybe the magic is happening, and am not seeing it, because I am too busy being cynical. Its just very disturbing how we build up a heap of question marks about ourselves, based on some perspective of some person, which is again based on their poor judgement. And we know this, but yet we let it affect us. Are we really [secretly] masochistic?  We wouldn’t like to agree, but then is there a better word for it? This new year I plan to get rid of these masochistic traits, and I shall desire for magic, magic in every day, magic in me! And for this time, I shall witness the magic, not resist it! And then for all you know, I will strike the cord! 
So 2014 is going to be my year at ‘Hogwarts’!With all the love potions and spells of destroying the internal blocks. Its gonna be a year of shining stars and clear blue skies, eventually, it will fall all right in place, and this time I would know it!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Love – not your cup of tea.

It has certainly become 
very easy today to say ‘I love you’.
It just seems like it is hanging loosely at the tip of one’s tongue, and there it just slips every time.
As easy, subtle and free flowing ‘love’ is, In relationships, it becomes blocked, suffocated. Then we start feeling there is no love, yes because, we tried to change the core of love, hence no love!
I am no relationship expert. But I wonder, if two people can share the common feeling of love and be in love with each other, then what goes wrong when it comes to sharing the life with each other in true harmony? After all, we say that love is life and life is love, so when love happens, why life doesn’t happen? Why does it go for a toss?
In all these years that I have lived, met all kinds of people, heard all kinds of love stories and all the experiences, one thing I know, for me, Love is courage. If you don’t have the courage to go till the end and then it is just disgraceful to say ‘love’
Yes, I agree, there are factors involved, situations and sometimes one stands too much to loose. I understand all this. But again, you have loved, c’mon, its Love, you owe it to love. Give it a shot, have the courage to stand for it, let alone be the result. Atleast try! There are times, when one just outgrows love, and in such cases, its best to let it be. But otherwise, if you say, you love and you have no courage to respect your love, then its not your cup of tea, you are just toying with yourself, trying to feel good about being in love.
A hopeless believer in love that I am, I see the darkness very closely, but still I choose to believe in the magic and goodness of love! And I admire all those people out there in love, who under all circumstances believed and stayed in love!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hers - one track mind!

How strong is she, she never knew, but today
She made peace with love for you
She knows all the pretty faces you smile to,
All the lips you play with,
With a stomach flip and a gut wrench, she gulps it all.
As life is to be lived,
She lives to the fullest,
With the fancies and the pleasure, none she denies.
Just moments of certain intimacies [with you], few heart melting gestures
And a couple of unspoken words, takes her off the track.
A few muffled tears and a sob story with the pillow,
And she is back in the game
With her one track mind, track of Love, until eternity!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I love you and you and you too!

Oh so soft, those lips on mine,
Yes yours,
Yearning for more, a little more
Being in love with him and another him too.
As subtle love is, it just flows and flows
You call me names and give me looks,
Do all you want
I do, all I want, 
love and being loved!
Its his embrace where I find my world,
And its his touch making me shy.
Not a bit of guilt, not a single question I carry
I live in NOW
With him, or him or him
And in every NOW,as subtle love is, it just flows and flows.
Not once I wince, and aloud I say
I love you and you and you too!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Cliches are cliche because they are true..

Another cliché, ‘change is the only constant!
The other day, over a cup of coffee, my best friend and I were just discussing, how there are fewer people in our lives today. We have become distant with some of the closest people. She happened to say,’ If this can change [referring to one of her close relation], then anything can change.’
Its then when this cliché actually hit us!
But then what about the ‘forever’, ‘always’, ‘until eternity’? I got thinking about it.
And I figure out, they all exist, because, life and love will be there always, forever, until eternity. We need to move alongwith it, grow and evolve with it. And when the ‘Evolving’ becomes constant, Life becomes a treat to live.
And I would say, without a doubt, that if the close ones become distant, let it happen. Otherwise, it becomes like carrying around a dead weight, stunting your own growth, depriving yourself of life, joy, love. Also, the other person isn’t getting anything out of it. Maybe they have another path. So let it happen! Here comes another cliché – ‘If its meant to be, It will happen’
Life happens in a moment, and the moment passes in a moment. So life happens every moment!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Story..

As much as you smile and laugh at the old jokes
Teasing and playful pokes,
It will never be like before
It will never be ok
The passion, the intimacy you and I indulge in,
I wish to keep it to me, just me
But, what right I have
How can I possess
With arms stretched, I can stand all my life,
Only to know, you don’t wish to be in my hug
Each moment unfolds a story,
Soon, a new moment, with a new story
I look forward to it, with all my glory.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

You n I...We are so close!

So now we talk, heart – to – heart
We are so close, You and I
We share the same sky,
the glaring sun, the soothing moon
this universe
day, night and noon.
When busy I get, i look up
And sense, you looking around for me!
At nights, for my good night kiss you wait.
We sense it all, 
We are so close
We have all, the same all
Now all I need, is to feel your skin,
To run my fingers along your cheeks
AllIi wish is to place my palm,
Over your beating heart
I hear my name

And I have lived my life!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Up and down...

Its cliché, but its like the waves,
This moment deep down in the sea,
The next in the sea breeze
So today, its just not so pleasant,
The heart sinking, gut clenching
The tears leave a trail of white path on cheeks
But every day is new,
With the freshness of the dew, and the smiling of the sky
The heart will be happy, and cheeks would be blushing red
It will all be pleasant,
Its just the waves, down and up, up and down!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yes! You are welcome!

I don’t know how it happens, is it a knack, a gut feel, doesn’t matter what it is. But I just know it, when there is change arriving, when something new is making its path towards my life, I just feel it and I always tell my bff, ‘Something is gonna happen, I can feel it!’
And I feel it again! The only difference is, this time, I wish to just go with the flow and not think of it[is it good/bad...will it change me/hurt me/make me happy] I want none of these thoughts. I just want to stand by the door, with a welcome smile, after all it is entering MY LIFE, the most special place!
What is the point thinking about it, Life is anyways unpredictable and as my goofy friend terms it ‘Life and its uncertainties!’
The only one thing I can do and I am working on it, is make place for the new. It has always been difficult for me to release the old and move on. As much pain/hurt the situation causes, the release work makes it worse. Hence at times I just delay it!
A few days back I decided, If I have to attract the good, I need to have the good. Keeping this in mind, I started on my release work. As much as difficult it was, I believe it is worth it as one thing is definite,’ I am not compromising on my future, because of my past [anyways, nor the past, neither the future exists!] What exists is ‘today’, and if I don’t live it being truthful to myself, how do I expect life to be true to me!’
So it is a goodbye to the old and a warm hug to the new! This is life, It is simple, we create puzzles so that we can kill time solving it!
To the new – ‘yes, you are welcome! I am making place for you!’

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Me loves Me...

The sun decided to pour all its rays on her face!
Lit bright, with sunshine smile and sparkling eyes,
The dancing soul and the mind at peace
With a heart filled of love, life for her is a trance
In her trance, she sees the reality as beautiful as the dream!
She is in love,
And today is the day, she will tell
Now is the time, she will confess
Her love to that one person,
In thin air, amongst the clouds, she floats feather like,
Tracing the edges of the purple studded mirror,
She takes a glance at herself,
Beautiful, bathing in serenity,
Finally, the magic
To herself, that one person,

She whispers ’Me Loves Me’

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Light Us...

Its in the darkness of the night,
When even the shadows bid good-bye,      
You just have you
No one else, nothing else,
But just you.
There are plenty to smile along
Many to hug,
Few to stay,
But there is just one,
To share the darkness,
Losing his shadow too
It is just him and you.
Its then you know
All the dimness, the blackness,
Silence and the aloneness
All of this is worth,
For you then meet,
the one you have wished for
Its all the light you asked for
Together, each others worlds
Are lit!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Post 30 - Another beginning...!

Today ends my ’30 days commitment’ of writing a new post everyday!
First of all the things,I am very happy that I could do it, without missing a single day! It is my mini achievement! 
[I am tapping my shoulder, now!] 
During these 30 days I realized where my thoughts queue up, when left lose! I believe, I opened up more,[to new perspectives, new ideas]
These 30 days, made me adapt better with myself, made me like myself more! I find myself at a better place today and I know, it is just going to get better day-by-day!
Life is good! Yes there are some chapters we don’t like, but then again, the story would be incomplete if any chapter goes missing, and life will always be the book worth the read!
I would like to thank all the people who read my posts. In a way they were a part of my this ’30 day commitment’ series!
I will continue to write, lets see what my next post would say, who knows? Not even me!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Post 29 - My shining star!

A day of nothing but pure joy, 
contentment and 
understanding of the thought,
It happens at the right time’!
My best friend is a C.A now![finally]
We have seen her struggling,
ofcourse only she will know
how she walked through it, 
we were mere witnesses encouraging her!
She walked the road, confused at times,
lost and weary, but not for a moment 
did her determination weaken!
I am proud of her today! And I feel glad I was a part of her journey! I know she has way ahead to go, with all her ambitions and dedication she is going to continue to shine [My favorite star she is!]
I have always felt that I am a blessed person, one of my blessings is she!

Congratulations baby, You deserve every bit of happiness and love!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Post 28 - World in our hands..

What is in our hands?

To love ourselves, to love others,
To laugh, laugh aloud like insane
To read our own mind, To feel our own heart
To smile, a genuine smile
To scream, let a few tears flow to release our anger, our sadness
To hug, a nice tight hug.
To be 'YOU' because inside you is the whole world!
So the world is in our hands!
Lets us all know this and live this world in the NOW!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Post 27 - My thought..

I just have one thought today,
'Keep enhancing yourself, in your own eyes! You are for You'

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Post 22 - Its the Fitness way...

I have always been fond of working out it could be because I own a gym or the other way round,, who knows! I have grown up working out! And one thing I have learned in these years, that if you are fit physically and emotionally, half of your battle of life is won! Fitness is indeed the key for a blessed life!
I have tried many kind of workouts, but today was one of the best - 'Kettle bells' they provide strength training, cardio, balance and flexibilty all in one, for more details click here - Kettlebell

I am so grateful to have a chance to know about this and would like to thank my friends Girija and Rohan for this!My gratitude mode is high again! Thank you life for introducing me to new experiences every now and then! Just one thing people 'Do Not underestimate the power of fitness and fitness doesnt mean being slim or fat!'

Post 26 - The little one..

When she was little,
She hopped and jumped.
Frocks of frills
Frills of all colours,
Two tiny pony tails
Always been yelled at
For chewing her nails
With those tiny steps
She walked around the home
That was all her world.
She grew up one day
Only to know
There is a world bigger than hers
Stepping out there,
All pretty and fair
It took sometime to realize for her
The bigger world has a mind of its own
A heart of its own
And together it works in favor of her!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Post 25 - A little change..

I try, I wish,
things that bring sadness,
I change,
One who denies change, is acting against the law of universe,
need I say, what happens then
Lets play a little wise,
Lets all try a little change!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Post 24 - Different, I do!

Not ever dew that thrones the leaf is the same
So is every leaf different.
No two things, as much as same
Really are the same
Its just like
When I say ‘I love you’
And when You say it too!
The words same, they sound same
And yet, its different
It will always be unlike,
I just have to know
Have to feel..
let the rest go..
Decide for me..
Which is a no
And which 'different' would I embrace
And he too will say ‘I do’!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

Post 21 - Drops of heaven!

Little drops of heaven
On my window sill
Bring me message from the angels
You get all that you will!
Soothing me they assure
If you don’t see the drops
Jus hear the wind or feel the rays
If none feels right,
Just tap at your heart,
You will get all that you will!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Post 20 -!

I dont need to say anything...this says it all! -

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Post 19 - 'Rumi' time!

I wont lie, I was introduced to Rumi only after watching Rockstar! And all I could wish is that, why dint I know about this awesome man before! I dont think I need to say anything more..lets just get lost in his words!

'Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing,
there is a field,
I will meet you there
When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about!'

This one will ofcourse remain my all time favorite of his works, but when I read the one below, I had moist eyes and my heart, oh my heart just smiled and whispered to me 'I know this!'

Friday, July 5, 2013

Post 18 - The black gate..

Some walk in
Some walk out
With a strong wind it shudders,
Under rain it stands
And take the glorious summer heat
I Have seen it for a decade now,
Second to my room, thats my place i like,
Its the area near the door, its the one through the gate!
Yes, the gate, an opening to my world
My precious world,
Keeps us safe, keeps us strong
I know, it knows who is right and who is wrong
It welcomes the nice, fights the vice
And yes it flirts with another one beside!
The tiny black gate, guarding my fortress!
Keeps us safe..keeps us strong!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Post 17 - 'Light-Dark!'

The light is valued only in dark
Once we accept the dark, we will see the light!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Post 16 - Random me...

Life is not what will happen tomorrow or what has happened is ‘NOW’ 
This is what I have recently discovered and come to believe it. I consider myself very blessed for my mere existence, I got the opportunity to live in this world, to experience life. Yes, I have my lows, and there are times that I crib, but then I realize this is the process of life and I trust it.
In this fun trip called ‘life’.I wish to learn more, know more, share what I have and enjoy abundance of joy.
Another factor I have recently figured out is that problems are not problems, but just unknown situations. We all have the fear of unknown, hence we name it ’problem’.  

Apart from various experiences,[through which I have got some understanding of life] ‘Writing’[blog posts, poems] has played an important role. I enjoy writing, have been writing since a very early age. It is the best way to understand oneself! I believe writing helps us get intimate with our own life, we develop a relationship with ourselves!
I shall continue writing about 'stuff' and life and random me!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Post 15 - Affirmations

I trust the process of life’ 
This was my first affirmation! 
I was introduced to affirmations by my friend Prerna. 
Affirmations are simple[positive] sentences which help us bring in great changes in our lives.[if practiced on regular basis]

My experiences with affirmations -

 - They help me break patterns, as they work on a sub-conscious level!
 - At times where I have been stuck at the same point[stagnancy] , Affirmations have helped me remove those blocks.
- My faith in me has increased!
- I have realized the power of ‘me’ and ‘my energy’
- Affirmations have widened my horizon and given me various perspectives [which has helped in various parts of my life]
I have used affirmations for every part of my life, relationships, health, prosperity, abundance, clarity of mind/thoughts and understanding myself better! Each time I start a new affirmation, my conviction is stronger than the previous one!
Its amazing how a single affirmative sentence can change your course of life!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Post 14 - I forgive me!

Forgiveness is the key to get off most of our burdens and sadness. First one needs to forgive oneself! The best part is when this happens, automatically, we end up forgiving others too! Life becomes simpler and easier. After all, when we hold any grudge, its ‘we’ who are troubled by it. So let go the troubles, just breath and forgive. It might take time, but the day it happens, world will seem a better place!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Post 13 - Life my cocktail!

You could be drunk with none at all
I could be sober with a neat and on the rocks
Dont you curse my martini,
Not a word for my margarita
You judge me by what I hold in my hands,
I am glad,
you show me what level your brain stands
You put at display, set of your values
Some yours, some read, some heard
My display is me, my inside is me
It is all me, none read, none heard
With a beer, when I say cheers,
Don’t you narrow those eyes and
Give me names
Just be ok with me, don’t be lame
No harm I am upto, No bad I do
Its just a small gesture, in my way
As I take a sip, 
I sigh and say
The best cocktail is ‘life’
I cherish it night and day!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Post 12 - The story never ends...!

As filmy as this sounds, but I completely believe in this 
'Agar kissi cheez ko dil se chaaho, to puri kayanat use tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai!'
Later when I read 'The secret' I knew, my belief was not just filmy, but totally ture too!
My this post is dedicated to my dear friend Priyanka!

The story never ends, even after we die, the story lives...It just never ends!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Post 11 - Ever thine, Ever mine, Ever ours!

There is so much I want to give
So much more I wish to live
Only If I could see a shadow, alongwith mine
And if there would be us and not just mine
Red with rage, not because there is anger,
But an urge for someone to pat my cheeks
go that extra mile,
to make me smile!
Is it me who pushed him away or he lost his way?
On my bed, waiting i lay
I sleep well, live well,
I know, he who loves will wish me to be fine!
So here I am, all fine, all in love
To take some peace, some more of love
To be a little shy, to be a little more blissful
There is so much I want to give
So much more I wish to live
Only If I could see a shadow, alongwith mine
And if there would be us and not just mine

As I am writing this, I think of the letter by Ludwig Van Beethoven called 'Immortal beloved' and the last line of the letter ,'Ever mine, Ever Thine, Ever ours!' Everytime I read it, I think of this line, I just feel, this is my line, it just seems it has come out of my heart, my soul! 

The letter - 

While still in bed my thoughts turn towards you my Immortal Beloved, now and then happy, then sad again, waiting whether fate might answer us - I can only live either wholly with you or not at all, yes I have resolved to stray about in the distance, until I can fly into your arms, and send my soul embraced by you into the realm of the Spirits - yes unfortunately it must be - you will compose yourself all the more since you know my faithfulness to you, never can another own my heart, never – never – O God why do I have to separate from someone whom I love so much, and yet my life in V[ienna] as it is now is a miserable life - Your love makes me at once most happy and most unhappy - at my age I would now need some conformity[,] regularity of my life – can this exist in our relationship? – Angel, I have just heard that the mail coach goes every day – and thus I must finish so that you may receive the letter immediately. – be patient – only through quiet contemplation of our existence can we achieve our purpose to live together – Be calm; for only by calmly considering our lives can we achieve our purpose of living together.- be calm - love me - today - yesterday - What yearning with tears for you - you - you my life – my everything - farewell - oh continue to love me - never misjudge the most faithful heart of your Beloved.

ever thine
ever mine
ever us. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Post 10 - The Cliche..!

Yes there are times, when we just cant figure out why a particular individual came in our lives, took control completely and then banished. Ofcourse it hurts, leaves us clueless, but after it has passed, after it is over, in few years, we do understand why it happened! And most of the times, we feel grateful about it, because at the end, it gave us something much better! And its cliche but true, it all happens for the best!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Post 9 - You, Me and Energy!

It is all about energy, you, me and the whole universe! It is very evident in our daily lives! When we are happy, everything around us makes us happier and in sadness, the same things make is sad! Its very simple, we attract the similar energy that we have! If we are happy, we attract happiness, If we are judgemental, we attract judgements from other people, if we love ourselves, we attract love and acceptance from the outer world! So yes, we can decide the energy we want and the energy we want to attract, in other words, we can have the life of our choice!

Today I decided to concentrate on releasing the blocks that are blocking the intended energy to go out in the universe! And I did this my way [the workout way!]
2 hours of yoga on the chanting of the ‘Maha Mrutunjay jaap’!

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam
Urvarukamiya Bandhanan
Mrityon Mukshiya Maamritat

English translation

Om We worship and adore you. O three-eyed one O Shiva. You are sweet gladness, the fragrance of life, who nourishes us, restores our health and causes us to thrive. As in due time the stem of the cucumber weakens, and the gourd is freed from the vine, so free us from attachment and death and do not withhold immortality

Throughout the yoga session my intent was to release the negative/unwanted blocks which was blocking Me from getting what I am seeking! I have been feeling very light [floating kind of feeling] since then! And I know I am closer to what I want! 
And as Rumi quotes ’ What you seeking you!’,somehow I feel I have bridged the distance between both, me and what is seeking me!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Post 8 - Thank you 'Zeus'!

I lived with pets half of my life...I had two dogs, they were lovely, but I could never really be friendly with them [I was always scared of them] Yes, I loved them a lot, they are no more now and I fondly remember them, but I could never hold them, play with them. 

This continued uptill recently!
I don’t have my own pets now, but I have some of my favorite pets of my friends! And out of all I love ‘zeus’ the most! ‘zeus’ the cat! He is amazing, full of energy, doing funny things and everytime i am surprised by him!
I noticed one thing, As i became friendly with animals, I became friendly with myself too. I feel more grounded, my horizon towards life expanded. My belief in infinite possibilities strengthened and I found more love within me!
Thank You Zeus!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Post 7 - I am the universe..

A man has great powers, powers to change around his life completely! Its just that he is unaware of this power or just simply intimidated by his own power and hence does not acknowledge it!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Post 6 - New First..

Now, as I switched on my laptop to write my post, I had no idea what i will write..and I just started typing the below lines..half way through I realized they are in hindi..My first! 
I continued, Its something new I did and I have a new First! 

Wohi sham, wohi sawera..
Havao mein wohi subah ki agarbati ki bheeni khusboo
Kaano mein phir pados ke mandir ke ‘hare ram hare krishna’
Din chariya bhi kuch aisa, kuch waise..
Aaina bhi wohi bole, wohi kahani jo kal thi..
Dopahri, kaarkhane ka wohi siren jaisa shor..
To phir kya aaj alag hai...
Kya hai badla
Bas yehi..
Ke aaj pehli baar laga..
Kuch nahi badla..

Kuch nahi alag..

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Post 5 - Just Now...

A windy path..breezy day
Walking closer and closer
I sense his presence
He knows I am here too
Its sometime now,
Just when is this now?
And there flying around in the wind
Are my thoughts with wings!
Will there be tears of joy?
Or a shout out for celebration?
Will the eyes meet, then the lips curl into smile?
Or simply a bear hug?
Every breath then would be just asking..
‘where were you?’
The blush on my face will deepen
’what took you so long?’
His touch would then murmur
‘Its us, its magic, it had to take some time!’
A promise in our hearts we make then
This magic is now real, and forever will be ours!
And as the wings of my thoughts rest, I whisper a silent wish
let the now be soon, let it be just now!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Post 4 - Magic with yarn... 'Mandala'

Its amazing how one can weave their inner most thoughts/ feelings on sticks with yarn! With the all those colours and patterns, comes out the solutions for the biggest problems! And I am so glad that I got to learn this amazing art of weaving mandalas!
I just clicked immediately with Mandalas. It works like ‘google’ for me! Giving me my answers!
After every mandala I make, I feel happy, content and the best part that I have realized about myself in this process is, that I really enjoy sharing the good in life with people around me! Not once have I made a mandala, looked at it and felt,’ Oh, this is so pretty, I will keep it for myself!’
I have spend from 3 hours to like 4 days making mandalas in every possible colours, sizes, patterns and each one has made me more receptive towards life!
Another pleasure I receive is when I teach someone weaving a mandala. Its incredible to see what they weave, using the same technique as yours.
Mandalas are visually so beautiful, that you could stare at them for hours together and yes I feel the vibrations around me full of positive, protective energy! Its just magic with yarn!

Here is all the magic I have created - click hereMandala 

P.S - I am extremely thankful to Prerna and Julia for introducing me to this Magic!

My 1st Mandala 

Most recent mandala

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Post 3 - Ho'oponopono prayer

This is 'MY' prayer! Its like I keep it in my pocket, and often I catch myself repeating it in my mind!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Post 2 - 'Now'!

So today I visited my school [had some work]. Was there for about 15 minutes, and in those few moments I had my 12 years of life flash in front of me! And then I realized, those were the BEST 12 years!
It was the same jittery feeling when I entered the office, I suddenly became more aware when I saw the principal! I still had the urge to ring the school bell! [ I should have done it, I wouldn’t have been punished!!]

I feel the most grateful today towards life, because when I look back, I realize, I have more reasons to smile than to be sad!
Look at the irony, [its a cliché, still] back then in school, all we thought was of future[growing up] and today most of us would agree with me, when I would say, ‘lets go back to school, it was so much more fun!’ 
Where is the ‘NOW’? We have never lived the ‘NOW’.
Keeping everything aside, if we come to think of, only ‘now’ is the truth, only ‘now’ is real and the power of ‘now’ is often underestimated.

At this very moment, I choose to live in my ‘Now’, and I already feel good about it, because my ‘now’ has everything that I ever wanted!
I am a superwoman, and my power is, the power of now!

 P.S - 1) Though I believe, had it not been for my school, I still would have had you guys, but anyways, 'Thank you, St. Ursula, for giving me life's best gift, Jess and Saxy!'

         2) I wish to thank all my classmates [and few batchmates!] to make the beginning of my life so beautiful. It will always be cherished! Lots of love! Thank You all!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Post 1 - Commitment...

[My first post of the '30 days commitment'  each day a new post, each day discovering a little more! 30 days of knowing myself better!]

Oxford dictionary defines commitment as, ’the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.’
Commitment, something that I am trying to figure out recently. Something which I did not really think about much a few months back. It was just a random word, used frequently in and around.
But as we move ahead in life, we come across various concepts, some we let it pass by [we might probably come to it later sometime] and some we get hooked to, trying to understand it. I am trying to understand, ‘commitment’ the need and the place for it in my life.

I came across this very interesting pattern. Interesting because, I have been through the lower two phases, infact I till use it in an itsy-bitsy manner! But majorly, at this moment, I am on the third level, 'compliance'. Yes, I am trying to bridge the gap and reach the 'I will do it' phase.

Why commitment?
I realized out of all the fun and weird stuff, learnings and lessons stuff that I have been doing for all these years, I have been lacking commitment [towards myself]

When it struck me?
The time I realized I want a commitment from the external world, from other people, is when I looked inside and questioned myself, Am I committed in any way to myself? what was surprising is that I couldn't give an affirmative answer immediately, i had to think!
I have taken myself for granted for a really long time [we all do it.]
as cliche as it sounds, I decided to make a commitment to myself, for my well-being, my happiness, my inner peace. 
Once I started this, I started getting my answers from the universe/external world also.
The process is still on, may more answers to get.
I believe eventually i will get, and then there will be new questions too!
Lets us all Commit if nothing more than atleast ' to live a GOOD life!

P.S - In the journey of discovering commitment, I am taking some help from my blog! Its a 30 day commitment of writing. 30 new posts!