Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I owe it to me...

Aright, so at times things don’t work well, they don’t fall in place well, the puzzle doesn’t solve. So what? It happens to you also, to him or her also and to me also. Inspite of it being a big deal, its not a big deal!
Some pointers which I am very well AWARE [theoretically] and I fail to practice, but I know I MUST –
1 – The bigger you make the issue, that bigger it gets. Its like parenting the issue, giving it nutrition, care and nurture, so that it grows well.
Cut it out! Nip it in the bud. Remember, no issue is bigger than you!
2 – Do not dwell on it, thinking of possibilities how worse it could get.
Zip it out!
3 – its not a problem, its an issue. Just the word ‘problem’, sends out a negative vibe.
4 – Smile, it really helps! :-)
5 – Believe in yourself, you deserve the best, again ‘best’ is very subjective.
So it could be you deserve, everything you wish!
My friend purple says, 'Don’t think too much, because doing so, you will not come up with anything, plus you would be wasting your time doing so. Listen to everyone, every single person around you [ this way you would know what they really are, hypocrites, sadists, genuine, loving or adorable] but always do what that tiny voice in the back of your head asks you to do. Now, if you cant hear that voice, then there is chaos inside you, try to calm it down to hear that voice and follow it!
Giving a thought to what purple said, it does make sense to me!
Live it guys, live your life. By living I don’t mean, simply fulfilling the basic necessities, go out of the way, surprise yourself, commit sins, indulge,
We spend our childhood doing all the good things [ courtesy : constant parental attention]
Analyzing, contemplating, we can do it later. For NOW lets do things, loads of things, so that later in life, when we have absolutely nothing to do, other than look at our wrinkled faces, and bear the pain in our knee, then we could atleast analyze, smile, curse looking back at all the things we have done.
We owe it to ourselves. I owe it to me, that smile, that satisfaction, that happiness, that pleasure, is for me.