Monday, June 28, 2010

In those woods...

There is an emptiness, there is some sadness,
Lingering somewhere deep down, there is a hope,
Now lost, now dead, once it was alive, now decayed.
A promise to myself, will hence not get
lost in camouflaged woods,
In forbidden boundaries will not wander,
For, I lost, I lost a lot,
My smile never reaches my heart,
My happiness never reaches its peak,
The tears dried off, but stained my cheeks.
It was in those woods, that I left my soul,
It was in those woods, that I left my essence.
I still am unchanged, just with a hope,
Now lost, now dead, once it was alive, now decayed.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Purple says...

With things falling in place now, you suddenly realize, how much of yourself have you actually lost in this process, My friend Purple, says that the most obvious mistake we make is of not knowing the true colors of people around us, as she says, that she has had certain realizations in her life and she wanted me to share it with you all, so here it is what Purple says:-

He aint tall, he aint prince charming,
Doesn’t ride a horse either,
But laughs with me when i laugh and holds me when i shed tears,
When things are topsy-turvey, he smiles and assures that best is yet to come,
He finds you beautiful when u wake up with messed hair, and half open eyes!
Its he, who makes you feel like a princess, even when you are in rags!
He is not the one you had craved for, but he is the one who will fulfil all cravings of yours,

To a person like this i say, i might not be madly in love with you, but i would stand by you in all your foolishness! I might not say you, that i love you the most, but i will hug you like no one else, I might not be able to give you what you deserve, but i will give you all that i have,
because for me, your that pillar, which i want to lean on forever, your that smile,
which i want on my face forever, its your fingers, when they fill the gap between my fingers,
i feel the most secured, the most loved and at peace!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

25 and 55...

31st May 2010 was the celebrations of my ‘Ma – baba’[grandparents] and my chacha-chachi’s wedding anniversary! Ma-baba finished their 55 years of marriage together and chacha – chachi’s was the 25th one!
It was amazing to see Ma, looking beautiful I n her green saree, standing beside my baba, looking handsome as ever in a suit! I kept thinking, this couple has shared 55 years of their life together and they are celebrating it today! On the other hand when my chacha- chachi were once again exchanging garlands after 25 years, they still looked like any new couple getting married!
I have seen both of these couple since my childhood, and they have beautifully carved their marriage through thick and thin! I personally am scared of the ‘M’ word! Its too huge for me, but looking at them, the thought that marriage is indeed beautiful![ that doesn’t mean, that I am ready to plunge into it..!]
By writing this post, I just want to say, that its absolutely wonderful to see such beautiful marriages and adorable couple around! It brings a smile on my face and also brings back the believe in marriage…[even though if its just for a while…it makes a difference!]
I hope and pray that everybody, experiences a blissful marriage!