Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Me loves Me...

The sun decided to pour all its rays on her face!
Lit bright, with sunshine smile and sparkling eyes,
The dancing soul and the mind at peace
With a heart filled of love, life for her is a trance
In her trance, she sees the reality as beautiful as the dream!
She is in love,
And today is the day, she will tell
Now is the time, she will confess
Her love to that one person,
In thin air, amongst the clouds, she floats feather like,
Tracing the edges of the purple studded mirror,
She takes a glance at herself,
Beautiful, bathing in serenity,
Finally, the magic
To herself, that one person,

She whispers ’Me Loves Me’

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Light Us...

Its in the darkness of the night,
When even the shadows bid good-bye,      
You just have you
No one else, nothing else,
But just you.
There are plenty to smile along
Many to hug,
Few to stay,
But there is just one,
To share the darkness,
Losing his shadow too
It is just him and you.
Its then you know
All the dimness, the blackness,
Silence and the aloneness
All of this is worth,
For you then meet,
the one you have wished for
Its all the light you asked for
Together, each others worlds
Are lit!