Monday, May 24, 2010

Rivers have bridges,seas have beaches!

Crying, Cribbing, Complaining, these 3 Cs are something which I come across the most and not with any pride I accept, that even im friendly with theses 3 Cs. But one good thing is that, atleast I realize alongwith that there certain other realizations that have dawned upon me.

1 – 1st and the most important, the 3 Cs are not the solution to anything at all.
2 – By doing so, the only thing you do is spread negativity which echos in the universe and comes back to you itself.
3 – Even your best friend will get irritated with your constant 3 Cs.
4 – You , yourself will be bored of yourself. [ this feeling sucks!]
5 – And you will end up thinking, the world is your enemy [ which btw is utter bull****!]

Well I am not saying that you can completely avoid these 3 Cs, but im very much sure, that you can work on not letting it be the centre of your life.
My friend Purple says’ Its all about knowing which situations you can just walk over, and which ones you can accept and co-live with it and a few ones which you have to sail through!’

And this is very true, there are certain situations in life, which we all can just solve it and walk over it, without letting it affect us, like we would walk over the bridge of a river, we have crossed the river and the view was beautiful!

Now there are some situations which over power us and we feel helpless about it, in such cases, how much ever one tries, is unsuccessful in getting through the situation, hence here, the person should learn to accept and co-live with it, in a matter of time it wont seem like a situation at all, like we enjoy the beaches, as seas are too huge to be crossed over, so we sit beside it and relish its presence!

The most difficult ones are, the ones which you cant cross over, nor can you accept it, you have to walk through it, and you have to experience all sort of pain and difficulty, distress and injustice, betrayal and wounds, but when you will be through it, you will emerge as a winner and looking back at what all you have been through, you will be proud of yourself and you deserve to be, the way a sailor would feel after sailing through a dangerous sea and reaching the shore!

Here I sum up everything in one line, ‘Rivers have bridges, seas have beaches.’ You just need to learn to categorize, which is a river, and which one is a sea! I am trying to do that, even you all start now!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My angels

Life without them would be incomplete, for the world they are Akanksha and Anchal, for the relatives, they are chicky and micky, for me they are my angels.
M talking about my 1st cousins, whom always i have regarded as my babies, have seen then grow, from cute little kids to beautiful girls.
I was 5 when they were born [they are of the same age, jus 10 days difference between them]
I saw them for the 1st time and i fell in love with babies! There was nothing more beautiful than them. The 1st time i took them in my arms and i knew i wud love them whole my love like my own babies. I jus wanted to be with them the whole time! Chicky being a cry baby when small, was always in her mother’s arms, so that left me and micky, i remember every moment spend with her,
All those times when i have held her sitting on the stairs in the afternoons or put her off to sleep! All those years when in school i saw them, and felt so cheerful[ we were in the same school]
The 1st time i took them out for movie, their 1st bus ride, small treats, shopping, the night overs, fun bike rides[this used to be the best one!] , going to the school together! WOW!
Now they are grown-ups and i feel very protective towards them specially now as now they will be stepping into the REAL world..! I feel so surprised when i get to know they are tastes about music or films or they discussing worldly matters, but jess tells me, that they no more are kids, and it is a little difficult to digest that!
I am glad i have been a part of their growing up, i was scared i would miss that[when i shifted to another house]
Chicky, micky, you both mean a lot to me, and will always be my babies and where ever i am, i will always be there for the two of you. So be it anything, you know that this sister of yours is at your service! Love you both!

Friday, May 14, 2010

I remember...

These days I approx spend around 2 hrs on my bike everyday, and as I cant stop my thoughts running in my brain, it’s the pleasant ones which keep me smiling along the 60km/day ride!
There are certain memories which we never forget,
Like the 1st movie you go without telling at home and then you are clueless about the way back home!
The 1st time when someone says you,’I love you’ and means it, and you are too shy to reply back, hence you just say, ‘Me too’.. !
The 1st kiss.. [blush..blush]
When your saxy best friend take you out on a drive after a heart-break!
When you call your soulmate - best friend and just laugh out your heart
When you keep names for people you like/dislike…
Likes- saxy, tharki, j.j/fatanglu, kuchi/shona, HDB, KBJ, maathya!
Dislikes – dementor, ghost,
All the CCD, AROMA trips, mastering games like ludo and uno!
And those times when your having a zig-zag ride on the bike, u never know from which side of the bike your face will greet the road! But as long as you are holding on to the person and shouting your lungs out, you are fine!
When you just hug that person and cry n cry n cry, n then you feel good!
You walk out of your home and just enter your soulmate-bestfriend’s home for a night over, you fit into her night dress and you feel good about it!
You have your life’s 1st whiskey, with the people you love around you, the dogs you don’t love also around you and then you snuggle up with the dogs and saxy!
You get drunk and call people whom you wudnt call when your not drunk!
You spend days and hours into malls, trying the same outfit again n again and making the other person tell you, ‘it looks really pretty…buy it’ and then you make a sweet-sad face and say, ‘ I cant afford it, besides when would I wear it’
Your 1st trip to lonavala, your journey to Pune to goa, and way back!
The 1st time beach experience, the 1st tattoo!
All those times when your waken up with that special one’s call!
All those times when your near-dear ones call you at odd hours just to simply talk!

I can go on and on and on, as my 2 hr-60 km/day journey will continue for long now!
I just want to give a big hug and muah... muah, to all those people who have helped me make such precious, lovable memories, and I wanna tell them all… I REMEMBER!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wishes come true...[wanted to unwanted]

My 23rd bday turned out to be undoubtedly one of the best till now... Why?
Just one reason- My wishes came true!
I have always wondered about this whole concept of,' How i wish my wishes would come true.'
But do you really know what are your wishes? what do you really want? Are you sure?
There have been so many times, that i have wished for something with all my heart, have prayed day in - day out for it, have made sure that the world knows about my desperation for that particular wish.
And then...
It happens!!! The wish just comes true out of nowhere, when you are least expecting it!
So the expected emotion should be of extreme happiness, right? But here is where life shows its true color. It suddenly dawns upon you that, 'Aright, i know i wished for this, and i got it, but now the question is, do i really want it now? i wanted it i want it now?'
And now it seems, that the wish i was so desperate for, is not in my wish-list anymore!
i already have a new desperation...and again a desire to achieve that!
And then...
what do we do...blame God for not listening to us ever. But if i start to think about it...its not really true! He does listen to us, but He has to listen to all of us and not just one, so He does need sometime to listen and then fullfil them. And we dont give Him time, guess we are too much in a hurry! and in this fast paced world , when the wishes we wanted come true, they become unwanted! and then we crib/complain, 'Our wishes never come true.'
So lets be a little more sure about our wishes and learn to be happy on their fullfillment!
something which i hope i'll learn soon!