Sunday, May 12, 2013

'Time off!'

It was just one of those coffee conversations which led me to thinking about emotional disconnects.
How at times it happens that we have literally lived that other person’s life, and how there comes a time, when you absolutely can not relate to that person. Such a huge shift, the vast distance. 
How does it occur? Does it mean that the equation of the relationships has completely changed? Has the love between the two diminished? Is it just a phase? Does the relationship become an obligation?
As we all know nothing is constant. But at times, we don’t wish to believe that [on purpose].
We hold on to people, relationships, belongings! But whatever we do/try, when the time comes the change happens. By change it does not necessarily mean that relationships end. It means that it evolves or new facets are seen and hence there are ups and downs. Not both partners can move the same way, some one takes time, some one is quick, and that causes the tug. Yes, ofcourse, sometimes we just let go off the tug and move ahead, it gets tiring and it also slows our journey. At such times, some move ahead, without the other one. 
And some move ahead, hoping that they will catch up soon. The relationship here does not end, but one of them definitely moves to a different platform, keeping an eye on the other one, wondering why cant they see? Why cant they too move? Isn't it obvious? Here comes the disconnect. 
But no, the love doesn’t diminish, the equation changes, but it can be for better! About obligation, well, I personally would say, Its just immense love and faith in the relationship and also since its unconditional, it can not be an obligation, its just the matter of time for the connection to get back![being optimistic here!]
I would believe its a phase, its a ‘time off’ given by the universe for the individuals to explore, get stronger, better, discover  abundance, so when the circle comes together again, it would be happier and lovelier than before. And the bond would just strengthen more!
Until then, utilize this phase, it is just one of the treats from life! 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

'Forever' just for 'Now'...

Its the anger that plays, the madness that rules
The clenching of the teeth, to stop the damn tears
The fists are tight, nails digging in the palm,
Holding back the arms from falling in the hug,
The hug that wraps your world in.
Safe, secure, comfort,
you could spend your life.
Only to know, its just a moment, not more
Its just for the now, not more
I mistook your ‘forever’ for my ‘forever’,
I turn my back, not away from you,
But to not let my eyes tell you my story
Its not that you wont understand, that scares me.
Its that you might not see the story.
The pretense is easy, smiles play well
Seems all good, seems all fine
Just a little less of me, just a little more of pain
Its the anger that plays, the madness that rules.