Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My lil' clandestine...

Wow! yes this is exactly how I would like to sum up my present. Here wow is not just a word for excellence or brilliance; it slightly leans towards, unbelievably phenomenal occurrences in my life!
So much to say, so much to write, lets see if I can sum it up in few simple comprehensive lines.
I have adorned the tiara of the unexpected, literally! And for once I am not blabbering about it as I want to see it unfold on my own without any outer influence. Whatever the result be, it would be completely my responsibility, hence it’s a lil clandestine I share with me!
I have noticed, the feeling of keeping to yourself is different. No I am not turning out to be a loner or any other synonym to it. Its just an experiment I am conducting and this time the subject is me. Its interesting to see how your mind works on your own, when its not caught up with someone else’s. Your mind is conflicting with itself. It asks a question and finds the answer too to it. [It has to, as there is no external source to help it.]
I have been observing different facets of my mind since I have begun this experiment, the best one out of all is that I am able to think quicker, write better. I am absolutely clueless about the connection of the result and the experiment, but I am in the process of finding it out. Maybe its just a phase, maybe its not. But meanwhile the experiment is on! Meanwhile I am enjoying the secret affair of my mind and me! And as all affairs/relationships start out sweet and romantic, this one too is the same!