Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I owe it to me...

Aright, so at times things don’t work well, they don’t fall in place well, the puzzle doesn’t solve. So what? It happens to you also, to him or her also and to me also. Inspite of it being a big deal, its not a big deal!
Some pointers which I am very well AWARE [theoretically] and I fail to practice, but I know I MUST –
1 – The bigger you make the issue, that bigger it gets. Its like parenting the issue, giving it nutrition, care and nurture, so that it grows well.
Cut it out! Nip it in the bud. Remember, no issue is bigger than you!
2 – Do not dwell on it, thinking of possibilities how worse it could get.
Zip it out!
3 – its not a problem, its an issue. Just the word ‘problem’, sends out a negative vibe.
4 – Smile, it really helps! :-)
5 – Believe in yourself, you deserve the best, again ‘best’ is very subjective.
So it could be you deserve, everything you wish!
My friend purple says, 'Don’t think too much, because doing so, you will not come up with anything, plus you would be wasting your time doing so. Listen to everyone, every single person around you [ this way you would know what they really are, hypocrites, sadists, genuine, loving or adorable] but always do what that tiny voice in the back of your head asks you to do. Now, if you cant hear that voice, then there is chaos inside you, try to calm it down to hear that voice and follow it!
Giving a thought to what purple said, it does make sense to me!
Live it guys, live your life. By living I don’t mean, simply fulfilling the basic necessities, go out of the way, surprise yourself, commit sins, indulge,
We spend our childhood doing all the good things [ courtesy : constant parental attention]
Analyzing, contemplating, we can do it later. For NOW lets do things, loads of things, so that later in life, when we have absolutely nothing to do, other than look at our wrinkled faces, and bear the pain in our knee, then we could atleast analyze, smile, curse looking back at all the things we have done.
We owe it to ourselves. I owe it to me, that smile, that satisfaction, that happiness, that pleasure, is for me.


  1. I agree to a certain extent. But when you have people attached to you, such nonchalance is also not very good (here I'm talking about the long-term).

    Nobody can tell you how to live your life, listening to the others will only fuel your inner turmoil further. Rather, expedite your decision-making process. Things become simplified automatically when you have time to enjoy them :) :)

  2. well i believe, when anyone gives you an advice, it always comes from their perspective, and its not necessary that what they presume is actually what the issue is...for me its all about listening to oneself. it gives us the feeling of being alive. if we cater to the outer world's words too often, the words within us fade out.

  3. Priyanka and Anshu, it all comes down to deciding what youwant from life - if you feel a need to whine, you'll find things to whine about all the time; if you feel too many people are interfering in your life, well then that's what you get - interference! Like Neo told The Architect in The Matrix, "The problem is choice" (He sort of finally understood). With choice comes responsibility. When you talk about how others are responsible for your 'plight' or when you say you are responsible for others' happiness or expectations, you are simply hiding away from taking responsibility. And this is what makes you powerless.

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  5. So here i take 'Power' and be responsible for my life, as being 'powerless' is something i cant be!

  6. well anshu, it also comes whom u want to listen to, u will listen to the only one whom u believe is talking same as you(same what prerna had given an example of matrix, " CHOICE)..otherwise that would jus be another bucket of suggestion...
    And when the same suggestion comes from more than one person, u should understand that ur perspective is somewhat not right, or u simply dont believe in it..coz it aint favouring you..and when u think what they presumed is not the actual issue...u are failing to make them understand what the true issue is....if u feel like not making them understand, in the first place why we even tell them?? it would b obvious that they would tell you if they find it wrong..
    Its jus what i can say is u don't wanna listen any1 other than u..but that wont take u anywhere..may b u will miss a valuable suggestion...
    A genuine buddy, a close mentor, would never tell u not to do things unless those things gonna cause harm to you..
    Also if u think u can live your own life..u can write your own rules...Why do even we need friends?? people close to you?? Why do we share??

  7. ketan, we dont have loved ones to solve our issues. we have loved ones, because we love them as they are, so i dont agree with your last point,that if i choose to live my life my way, i should not have friends.
    We share things with are friends to keep them updated with whats happening in our lives, not necessarily to take suggestion from them.
    No two persons on this earth are alike, nor will the issues/problems be!
    i would rather miss a valuable suggestion than miss my inner voice, at the end its me, who will be with me forever, and someone who would understand this point, would walk with me!
    Another point, perspectives cannot be defined as right or wrong. They are based on an individual's understanding, experience and various other factors.
    A genuine buddy/mentor will always be a well-wisher and would give a suggestion, but then again he would not judge you if you dont take the suggestion.

  8. well said..
    i do agree that every1 has his own perspectives...
    that doesn't mean they should be giving any suggestions..if they feel it is wrong, its there problem, What i am doing is the only right matter what
    I like that attitude..

  9. Then Cheers to life! what say?!
    it gives us the best of things, and cheers to all of us, to live the lives the way each one wishes too. I choose mine...other choose theirs!

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  12. i may have learnt a new lesson today !!!!!

  13. ya cheers!!
    its a simple saying, You live yours, i live mine..
    there shouldn't be any interference.
    If u interfere u are not understanding the issue...well you never have to in the first place...nobody is asking for ur suggestions!!!
    and its just like i would love to keep you updated of my life but it should not be of any concern to you...

  14. Uhu..suggestions r alwz welcome, but not the additnal force along with it..for ex. My sugestion to smokers, dont smoke, it kills, but if they dont take my sugestion, I wont force them, or judge them, I wil stil b the same wit them. Concern wil alwz b there..

  15. ab khud hi dekh lo, what i am trying to say and what you are understanding is totally different...

  16. this is making me feel so much better :) :-*

  17. what exactly, the discussion or the post?