Sunday, May 5, 2013

'Forever' just for 'Now'...

Its the anger that plays, the madness that rules
The clenching of the teeth, to stop the damn tears
The fists are tight, nails digging in the palm,
Holding back the arms from falling in the hug,
The hug that wraps your world in.
Safe, secure, comfort,
you could spend your life.
Only to know, its just a moment, not more
Its just for the now, not more
I mistook your ‘forever’ for my ‘forever’,
I turn my back, not away from you,
But to not let my eyes tell you my story
Its not that you wont understand, that scares me.
Its that you might not see the story.
The pretense is easy, smiles play well
Seems all good, seems all fine
Just a little less of me, just a little more of pain
Its the anger that plays, the madness that rules.

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