Monday, October 14, 2013

Cliches are cliche because they are true..

Another cliché, ‘change is the only constant!
The other day, over a cup of coffee, my best friend and I were just discussing, how there are fewer people in our lives today. We have become distant with some of the closest people. She happened to say,’ If this can change [referring to one of her close relation], then anything can change.’
Its then when this cliché actually hit us!
But then what about the ‘forever’, ‘always’, ‘until eternity’? I got thinking about it.
And I figure out, they all exist, because, life and love will be there always, forever, until eternity. We need to move alongwith it, grow and evolve with it. And when the ‘Evolving’ becomes constant, Life becomes a treat to live.
And I would say, without a doubt, that if the close ones become distant, let it happen. Otherwise, it becomes like carrying around a dead weight, stunting your own growth, depriving yourself of life, joy, love. Also, the other person isn’t getting anything out of it. Maybe they have another path. So let it happen! Here comes another cliché – ‘If its meant to be, It will happen’
Life happens in a moment, and the moment passes in a moment. So life happens every moment!

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