Monday, December 16, 2013

Striking the right cord or/and magic?/!

'Striking the right cord' seriously, sometimes I feel, whatever does that mean.
There are times, when I just feel, I don’t want to strike any cords and just want it to magically be melodious. Then again I feel, maybe the magic is happening, and am not seeing it, because I am too busy being cynical. Its just very disturbing how we build up a heap of question marks about ourselves, based on some perspective of some person, which is again based on their poor judgement. And we know this, but yet we let it affect us. Are we really [secretly] masochistic?  We wouldn’t like to agree, but then is there a better word for it? This new year I plan to get rid of these masochistic traits, and I shall desire for magic, magic in every day, magic in me! And for this time, I shall witness the magic, not resist it! And then for all you know, I will strike the cord! 
So 2014 is going to be my year at ‘Hogwarts’!With all the love potions and spells of destroying the internal blocks. Its gonna be a year of shining stars and clear blue skies, eventually, it will fall all right in place, and this time I would know it!

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