Tuesday, November 11, 2014


‘Breathing’ -  the very basic essential of our living. We are alive because we breathe. It’s the single most important thing to stay alive. And do we breathe completely? We just somehow manage to do the inhale-exhale activity.
And then when we realize this, we have to take out time and learn to breathe [meditate, deep breathing, healing  etc.] So basically we are taking out time from our life to live our life! [How crazy does it sound!]
My whole point here is, the very basic[breathing] here is half-hearted so are we really living a full-fledged life? We are constantly in search of something. We don’t even cherish our finds, because we immediately have to get on the search engine for something else. What are we racing against and why?
I would rather use the word ‘finding' than ‘searching’
Finding gives a completion, searching goes on and is never ending. I’d always say ‘I will find my way,’ instead of,’I am searching for a way’.  
And to be frank, we anyways don’t know what is going to happen; it’s insane to look out for guarantees in life. We apply conditions, evaluate, calculate, predict and after all this, does it sum up to what you had thought?
Breathe, breathe completely, let your stomach bloat up and feel the air passing through each cell of your body. With each complete breath, you will open up new avenues. To smell the fragrance of a rose or of your favorite perfume, you exhale completely, don’t you?! That’s how it is for life, you get the best when you give in completely!Live full heartedly, breathe like you are changing your world. Get your basics right, I too am trying. 
Exhale - hold - Inhale = Life

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