Wednesday, June 2, 2010

25 and 55...

31st May 2010 was the celebrations of my ‘Ma – baba’[grandparents] and my chacha-chachi’s wedding anniversary! Ma-baba finished their 55 years of marriage together and chacha – chachi’s was the 25th one!
It was amazing to see Ma, looking beautiful I n her green saree, standing beside my baba, looking handsome as ever in a suit! I kept thinking, this couple has shared 55 years of their life together and they are celebrating it today! On the other hand when my chacha- chachi were once again exchanging garlands after 25 years, they still looked like any new couple getting married!
I have seen both of these couple since my childhood, and they have beautifully carved their marriage through thick and thin! I personally am scared of the ‘M’ word! Its too huge for me, but looking at them, the thought that marriage is indeed beautiful![ that doesn’t mean, that I am ready to plunge into it..!]
By writing this post, I just want to say, that its absolutely wonderful to see such beautiful marriages and adorable couple around! It brings a smile on my face and also brings back the believe in marriage…[even though if its just for a while…it makes a difference!]
I hope and pray that everybody, experiences a blissful marriage!

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