Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The final shatter?

Purple is back, with some more thoughts, experiences and some ugly truth, she says,’ There are level of betrayals, the one i found out recently is the biggest of all, the world around me, came crashing down, like a pack of cards. Yet i havnt accepted it. i am not sure if acceptance will relieve me from the pain or sweep me away in the ocean of pain. I am too scared to take the chance now.’

When purple was talking about all this, i couldn’t help but wonder, life has so many hidden paths. It just comes right in your face and orders you, ’Now you face me.

And you like it or not, you have to face it. I have known purple since years, but have not seen her so shattered ever before. Is this her final shatter?

Will this make her some one without emotions at all?

Will this change her beliefs towards life?

Will this create a distance between her and every other soul?

Will i know the Purple i knew before?

as these questions rush in my mind, Purple continues...

I have shattered before,

But never like this

I have wept before,

But never like this

Its the vows, not promises,

Thats laughed at,

Its the love, not a fling

Thats laughed at

The purest life, you make it filthy

The strongest bond, you make it weak

Its the base, that you have torn apart

Its the half decade, you have made worthless

How do i live now? You tell me, how do i breathe now?

Its all my dreams that you made false,

Its all my smiles, you take back

The love we made, was lust for you

The passion we shared, was just a phase for you

That loving sensation, you made it a desperate touch

So you tell me,

How do i live now? You tell me, how do i breathe now?

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