Friday, October 1, 2010

A world in a world…a new world..

This is a new world where i’m spending the most of my time these days, sometimes because it’s a compulsion, sometimes because it’s a necessity and at other times when it’s because I want to, because I love to!

It’s an experience I’m living every single day, amongst so many people and their energy.

Its fascinating at times, weird at other times and sometimes a lil scary.

In such a world, its difficult to stay away from influences, but knowingly, unknowingly it does influence you.

Its bound to, with the constant flow of various kind of energy around, it just hits you at time, and you don’t know, why you are even sitting in this world.

But then again, I try filling my bag with the GENUINE smiles, those friendly hugs, silly jokes, nonsense gossips, appreciations and compliments.

I’m still experiencing a lot of things and I guess I’m capable of learning more,

Only thing that I’m clueless about is,

what do I do, when I don’t find a reason to smile in this world?

What do I do, when I look around and no more see those familiar faces?

What do I do, when I take names and realize, it wont be answered?

Will this teach me to balance out my professional and personal life, or it wont matter at all?

Lets see, if this world gives me my answers.

Lets see if the answers are what I wanted to hear.

Sometimes I feel stuck,

It bothers, irritates and disturbs,

It annoys and annoys and annoys…


Im here, Im joy

For you, and only for you,

I’m the silver lining, they talk about

Im that ray of the sun they talk about

I bring colours, I bring life

And then,

sometimes I sense freedom

away from the handcuffs of boredom

away from the mist of ugly schemes.

And I keep waiting for..


Its for me, its my joy!

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