Monday, June 20, 2011

For him…its you

I always knew, it was someone else for you…
It would be her smile…that twinkle in her eye…
For which your heart would skip a beat..
After all the prince charmings and all knights in shining armour,
I feel my heart flip when I see you,
All the attention I get around, I let go..
the slight notice from you, Makes me take a notice
The castle, I start building, the future I start dreaming…
Is when there is a small tap,
Tap tap and my heart flaps.
‘you dream, you smile, but he is mine,
and its not just me who says,
Its him who too prays’….and here is a secret little
My dear girl. You knew it too, he was not for you!’
My lips twist, but only for a smile,
A smile that says it all…
For him who prays for you,
But for me, who adores him..
As silent as a whisper, I fancy his joy
And if its you, his joy
Then I remind myself
I always knew, it was someone else for you!

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