Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Perfect connect...

How do we know, who is it? We meet uncountable number of people in our life. So how exactly do we know, with whom spending life would be worthwhile. Is there a formula or a set pattern to figure it out? Hasnt it been more than once, when we feel that this is the person for me?
Then just how do people out there, make the decision?
I have my little theory on this one too!
When we meet people we make connections with them, some of them become really strong. These connections become a part of our life. My friend Purple says,’ i have some connections in my life so strong that inspite of being out of touch for ages, we have made a comeback with the same intensity.
I believe in connections, i understand when people use the phrase, ‘we just clicked.’ My confusion here is, how do i decide with which connection I would like to go ahead in my life and maybe get married and have a family? I always thought that one can love just one at a time [here by love i mean the true kinds!] But I was introduced to a very interesting perspective about this by purple, she says.’ At a time one can love more than one person[and she meant the true kinds] its just one has to decide, which love is worth taking further and which one is not. Many wont agree to this, but the few ones who have experienced this, would know what i am talking about.
After hearing to this, I have been thinking,Ii wouldn’t disagree with purple, I would just put it into another words. There are many instances, when two people in a romantic relationship, over a period of time realize that they are very good friends and not exactly a romantic couple. I know, that friendship is very important in any relationship. But in this case, its upto the couple, if they wish to continue their romantic friendship connection, or they want to look out for ‘The Love’ connection if the later option is chosen then, its usually a mutual break up, but its a break up of romance, the friendship stays intact and it does not hurt either of them. And they go ahead to find their love. Here the person made a choice of the connection.
Which leaves me to think, if I ever have to choose my connection, which one would that be, ’romantic friendship’ connection’ or ‘the love’ connection?
Which would be my perfect connect?


  1. You know sometimes, its best to not speculate and overthink. Yes we have all had our share of misjudging the 'connection'. But that doesn't mean that you should dwindle. The more you try to find out, the more it will elude you.
    So just wait, things have always had a wonderful way of falling into place - whether symmetrical or chronological or any other pattern - we just have to be ready and willing to embrace the moment when they do fall into place!

  2. just go with the flow... :D :D :D :D

  3. and i like this..! u read my post!