Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Would you ever know that?

Living a routine, doing the chores...
Painting a picture for my life ahead..
My heart has always skipped a beat,
the moment you have crossed my mind!
Would you ever know that?
The times we have met...the moments we have lived
I re run in my mind...feel it in my heart
My cheeks have blushed deep red...
My knees have trembled a little..
I have smiled to myself,
and shut my eyes to feel your lips gently on mine
that unknown shadow, I would name it you.
Would you ever know that?
My eyes would be meeting my prince in the frame I paint,
Vows for life would be promised with him
I would be smiling, he too would be happy..
But as a strand of my hair will fall across my face..
And as the breeze would whisper in my ears..
In that small moment, I would think of you.
Would you ever know that?
I dare not say, I love you..
Where do i know what love is..
I barely can say...few moments I spent with you
Lasts with me for days to come...
You are the secret, I share with my desires..
You are the pleasure, my fantasies yearn..
You are the brightest stroke in the painting I paint
Would you ever know that?

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