Sunday, August 5, 2012


Here I am on the last page today. A chapter that stirred a lot in me, brought me illusions, smiles with sadness, hopes and revival of dreams. One of the most memorable chapters uptil now.Today I want this chapter to end. I am looking for a new beginning, a new chapter. 
Life has given me a wonderful opportunity, I intend to do justice! Would I want to erase things from past? Without any hesitation, I would say, Not a single moment...each of those moments came together to give me the the future of my dreams. 
Its too early to forgive and forget as of now, but I know I will be there too, very soon. Looking forward to the change, and knowing myself better. Many more chapters to come, infinite ends and beginnings. 
I choose to end my end and start my beginning with a applause of appreciation for life and its journey. Life  aint unfair, it just has its own way, and I choose to trust the process of life! Cheers to the journey from here onwards! Cheers to me and my beliefs! I am just being modest – I deserve awesomeness!

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