Monday, October 22, 2012

To the man who introduced me to love...

This blog is about me, every word here describes me, my emotions, my thoughts. I just had to write a few words about one of the most intimate part of my life – movies. And in this part of my life, the dean was, is and always be Yash Chopra!
My words might not be able to do justice, but this is my way of paying tribute to the man who introduced ‘love’ in my life! He gave me the angry young man and later turned him into this extremely romantic man that I till date drool – Mr. Bachchan! 

He gave me silsila where i cannot take my eyes off, 
of my favourite pair Amitabh-rekha. 
Everytime i watch Rekha in silsila 
and everytime i go like ’wow’! 

The brilliance of ‘lamhe’ still leaves me

And I don’t remember since when i have been going like ‘shona shona shona..chandni..oh meri chandni’! The intense romantic scenes, the rain sequences, chiffon saris, lata mangeshkar’s songs! It has always been just so awesome!

Why? Oh why don’t we have more of his films! I was disappointed when he announced ‘jab tak hai jaan’ as his last movie, and i told my friends, ‘oh he is just saying it, you see in couple of years, he will announce his next movie!’ 

There is so much to write, feel, talk. 
I would rather sum it up in this line - 
I love him, respect him, idolize him. Yashji, you will always be the best!

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