Saturday, November 3, 2012

Why not me?

Why not me?
I know someday the flowers, you will notice,
The fragrance you will enjoy,
When the shield of love will be around you,
When the longingness of being together will hold you
I know one day, the magic will work,
Here goes the wand and there will be the misty love!
And then will start the series of stories,
‘I once knew no love, but all I know today is only love!’
It will all be about her, the day, the night, the moon, the stars!
I know someday, you too would enchanted..
What i really don’t know is..
Why not me?
Its the horizon you see, which is just an illusion,
A trick we let ourselves tricked into
I wonder am i the trick or its the horizon?
Let the reality go by,
I wish I could be atleast an illusion
Be a desire, be a little wanted, be a small dream..
I know someday the world will be different for you
I wonder, why I couldn’t build that..
I just think..
Why not me?

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