Sunday, November 18, 2012

Excitement in Simplicity...

Why does it become so easy to like something or someone and then so very difficult to let it go and move away from it/them? A part of us likes to cling on[we might not admit, but we all do it..unknowingly] and a part of us also likes the fact that someone else too clings on to us [again we would refuse to admit]. My point here is, why do we become so weak or if I may say, so stupid? Why do we drive ourselves into unwanted zones and then expect to be wanted there! Dint we read the sign at the beginning itself ‘not wanted’. We make an excuse here too,’ we thought we could change things’ Really? Why would we think so!? 
Why are we hell bent on having so much of drama? Not only it takes away time, energy, emotions, gives you pain, but it also keeps you away from the good things of life, things that we deserve, things that are best for us.
If we are sad, we will listen to sad songs! Why? We are already sad, why do we want to feel more sad and lost. Are we secretly enjoying our sadness? How harmful is this! Imagine this - We are the biggest hurdle of our life.
We like stories, and we like them more if they have twists and we do that to our lives too, create unnecessary twists and hurdles in life. Seriously when I actually sit down and think, I know it for sure, life isn’t that difficult as we make it, its simple, its easy, we just need to slightly shift our perspective and then everything will be clear! Its shocking to believe how we make our life exactly opposite of what we have thought. Its all the game of desires and the inner most desires. We need to figure both of them out! Lets put an end to self-destruction. How much ever I love drama, today I take my step towards a drama-free life, I say no to drama, yes to simplicity! I say no to self created hurdles and yes to life’s gifts for me! I refuse to screenplay my life and accept the suspense, because there lies excitement in simplicity too!

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