Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy valentines day!

Its the valentines excuse I have to write about love! And to flaunt my date! Yes, I have a date this valentines [finally!!] not just one, but many! This time I am celebrating all my close relationships! At this very moment am at the stage where I feel loved and I love all! Its the evolution time of my life now! I am thinking/doing things which I never did before, I am feeling happy at the smallest gesture, suddenly I am full of gratitude towards life! Yes sometimes I do feel a pull, a small tug to look back in the past, but my present is embracing me so beautifully that I might feel the pull, but I am not looking back, the future seems so tempting after all! I am falling in love with me and the people who hooked ‘me and me’ up...a few words for you guys!

Prerna – You have been one of the biggest help in helping me realize that there is so much to us and so much more to life and we could live all of it! Happy valentines day to u!

Saxy – My jaw line is getting a lot of exercise these days! I smile a lot and a lot!Soon people will think I am insane! You have always made me happy.Even in the most hopeless days, you have managed to bring me a smile! Happy valentines day saxy! Love u! Muah!

Jess – We are reaching onto completely new levels these days! ;-) [ aren’t we?!] I will just give one [decent] example – we speak after 10 p.m!!! [yes, its thrilling] I always thought that we already knew each other the best, it cant go beyond these, but surprisingly [in a good way] there is a lot beyond this, we are learning life together! Love you baby! Happy valentines day!

Fatanglu – Yes I will always call you that! You have always made me believe that I am awesome! One of my biggest support. Thank you for being there! Love you fatanglu! Happy valentines day!

My family – good, bad, awesome, love, pain everything i experience, is because of you guys, I got this life because of you. I love you, happy valentines day!

And lots of love and hugs to 
Penaaz, my pink bitch!
Priyanka, my partner in certain thoughts! ;-)
Dimple, a mad, crazy totally adorable friend!
Nitesh, for being there with all your excuses and happy, memorable moments! 
Ninad for inspiring me always and being a gemini friend!!

Happy valentines day people, This valentines day, you all are my date! 

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