Wednesday, March 13, 2013

There is more to

Can we call it off, wait for a while, rest and then start?
When life doesn’t wait for us, why do we wait for life to happen and then have unnecessary expectations. These ceaseless efforts and mind games we play to live a life which we are not even sure of. How unwanted and rewardless is this struggle, have we ever thought? What is with this whole perspective that only if we sweat it out, we will gain something.  Not everything requires hardwork, there are many of which we are worthy of and we have to learn to accept it with ease!
We need to be tutored to learn to live in the moment. We slaughter the good times, worrying about the future, and we make the bad times worse by complaining there is never good time! Why do we do this to ourselves? Constantly surviving in the self-destructive mode, we successfully close doors to abundance, success, love, positivity and create doorways to confusion, fears, negativity, sadness!
Its ok to have doubts but its not ok to not do anything about them. Yes there are times when you relate the least to the belief.’everything happens for good’. There are times when we say, we don’t want the best in future, we want what we had now, in the present! And then there are times, despite of all odds, somewhere deep you just believe, ‘ There is more to this
Whatever the feelings are, all I want to say is, feel all, live all, love all because everything comes and goes, but love never ends! So even if i decide to call it off, wait for a while, rest and then start, I would still be calling it off, being in love, waiting for awhile in love, resting in love and then starting in love! J

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