Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Needs and wants...Its all an illusion?

So what is it about relationships? Why do we need validation through them? I have always thought of relationships as a strength then why do we end up making those our weaknesses? There are various aspects to a relationship, I sometime feel one of it is ‘escapism’ We want to escape from the reality and hence we try getting busy in a relationship, being what we are not, just putting up an image and getting so habituated to it that we start living a fake life. There are times we just want to prove ourselves, get approval and feel wanted hence we find all this in a relationship. And then there is a feel good factor or societal pressure or feeling of being left out. I guess the list will never end.
The point I am trying to make is, if we dint have any of these needs, would we still have relationships? So does that mean, all relationships emerge from a certain need? And then the question would be, is love too a need? Do we love because it is a need or it is a want?
In my experience, I have had my share of needs and tried to fulfil them through various means, and then I realized eventually that none of them were a need, it was just an illusion of a need, and once that became clear, I dint have one and hence i did not feel the anxiety to fulfil them. So at the end of the day, it is just a perspective. 
Isn’t everything a perspective? It is just one world but each one of us has a world, making it a million of worlds. Each world is different and yet it is only one world! All needs for someone would be some other person’s wants and vice-versa. And to top of it, it might all just be an illusion! So lets just experience our separate worlds the way we want and live our illusion! It isn’t that bad! 

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