Friday, June 13, 2014

People are intersections...

Road A is smooth goes straight, Road B is a bumpy ride  with plenty of speed-breakers, Road C has had its ups and down and lot of twists, Road D has been dug up and is a mess at the moment.
All these four roads, meet at the crossing, unless they don’t come to the crossing, they cant move ahead in their journey. Out of the long, tiring, happy journeys the roads have had, the intersection is just a small part. They all meet, spend sometime and move on, Some become friends and might move along parallel to each other and some are just on the other end.
None of the roads owes anything to any other road, each one is on their own journey!
And that is how I believe, it is for all of us. Each one of us are on our own journey. We meet people, make friends, lovers, companions and the integral parts of our journey are our families. But NONE of it is a constant. All of us are just a part of each other’s lives, not the whole life.
There is a reason, why we meet, there is a reason why we separate. And I feel that the reason must be honoured, but no one owes anything to anyone. Yes there are feelings and emotions involved, but those are by default, they come and go and are very free-flowing. You can not hold onto one particular emotion and live with it all your life, it is practically not possible. Its in such cases that we are not able to live our present.
We don’t easily accept this, because if we were to start believing that only we are responsible for ourselves, then whom would we blame for our miseries? How would we build up our sob stories? Where would the drama come from?
Man by nature is an intelligent being, we just choose to drop the intelligence and the responsibility. But you know what, when you see the bigger picture, whether you like it or not, life is happening constantly, it chooses to keep moving ahead, the ones who are sync with it, enjoy it, the ones who are not, find life unfair! Its in our constant need to stick to the past and the made-up idea of our future, we just happen to miss the magic that is actually happening with us and within us!
And it so happens is that, you be grateful to the rest, but its You to whom you owe, and you owe yourself a happy life!

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