Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Customize your fairytale...!

He swept her off her feet,
fought with the whole world for her,
they got together and live happily ever after!!
Aww! These fairytales I tell you!
I am not against them, I totally believe that all of us can have fairytales, I believe I too can have a fairytale or should I say, my fairytale begun when I was born. Yes, this is my version, C’mon if each one of us have the exact same story, how dull and boring would this world get.
What I am trying to say is - people don’t get depressed when the fairytale you read as I kid dint happen to you when you got in your mid-twenties[or any age] You are just looking and focusing at one part all your life.

Shift! Yes, plz make a shift in your focus.

Your story is unfolding every minute, there is magic and love happening around you, feel it, look at it! Shake yourself up thoroughly and ask yourself, do you really want to be in a position to be RESCUED by a prince charming? I mean if you are in a good place in your life and if you find someone who is in a good place in his/her life and if you people decide to share that space, laugh, be happy and walk together [not necessarily you in his arms!] Isnt this a good fairytale? Or is it necessary the damsel should be distressed and the prince should be some greek god? Can you imagine how much pressure this builds up on us.

The girl has to be sad [inspite of her having no reasons for it] So you literally spend so many years of your life, depriving yourself from all the happiness and fun that life has for you. You have the best of friends and a wonderful family who love you unconditionally. ‘Oh No! I cant be happy!’ You have a great job, you are a talented person, appreciated by everyone! ‘Oh No! I cant be happy, what if my prince comes and sees me happy and then just leaves, because there wont be any rescue work!’

And the men, well are constantly trying to prove that they are men. Here the definition of the man is – strong with muscles, rescue the girl [even if she doesn’t need to be rescued] behave like a guardian, even if she has a father, 3 uncles, 2 brothers, she might want a break from being guarded all the time, but who the hell cares, I am the man, I will be the guardian. Fight the goons, and abuse the others who flirt with her – hmm, hello, there are no goons and I like to flirt with others!

In this search of a fairytale life ,we loose a lot and if we happen to have it and then if it doesn’t turn out to be what we had imagined, we again loose it all!

So lets just believe that we all are having our fairytales, its unique. There is nothing wrong in having a prince charming, but if he isn’t in the picture, does not mean, your story is incomplete. And don’t be scared to be happy, people don’t create happy endings, its the understanding of your own happiness that will create your own happy ending!
Customize it and fit into it right!

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