Friday, August 22, 2014


So why is that we pray to God every now and then, even if we don’t actually sit in a temple, but most of the times, we are like, ‘oh God’ ‘hey bhagwan’!
I know these are just expressions practiced by us, but can you imagine how deep the idea of God has been marked upon us that we very naturally believe in the power of God. The power so divine and not seen in a particular form, as in we havent met God. [literally] We worship him through the idols, temples etc.
Wow, amazing belief![I do believe in God, I am not an atheist]
But when it comes to believing in ourselves [which is very much there, we can see,hear, feel and touch ourselves and we all have a form] we are so doubtful.
Why is it that we believe certain mantras in Sanskrit will help us more than simple affirmations?
Why does pujas done by pundits more helpful than simple symbolic things done with the right intention.
We are ready to wear a gemstone, but not sure about the easier and simpler things like oils or salts or crystals?
I think, we have been conditioned to accept things that we don’t understand and feel is complicated. So we don’t understand the mantras in Sanskrit or the rituals, hence its definitely going to do wonders.
Whereas, using an affirmation is just so simple, how can something so simple be effective?
Very easily we dismiss people saying, it wasn’t a good vibe, but the minute one has to understand the vastness and the role the whole energy system plays in the universe, the whole idea is dismissed.
Why is Spirituality not embraced, when at the end of the day all of us are spirits in our bodies?
Spirituality is not a parallel world or a different world. Its this world and we all are a part of it. Being spiritual is our natural being, which we simply don’t want to accept, because then how will we condition ourselves to have a complicated life.
When I say, lets be spiritual, I just mean, lets be all AWARE. No hidden meanings to this word.
I am a believer in God, the divine power, the magic of the mantras. I personally follow it all. What I want to insist is, only if we could have that kind of faith in our ownselves and the belief that we can shape our life the way we want!
The key to all is awareness!

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