Monday, December 15, 2014

All within...

Crazy love do you exist?
If you are asking this question, you are not crazy enough!

Happily ever after, is that a fiction?
If you are not happy today, is there even an ever-after.

Is love for real?
Are you breathing for real?

Things fall apart, hearts break.
There are stormy nights, also sunny days.

What about my story? What does it say?
Its your story, write it the way you want, the more you are honest, the blessed you’ll be.

When I am sad? I have tears?
Your heart is full of emotions, its alive, it’s a gloomy day.

I am taken care off, right?
Honey, he has the sun-moon-stars at your service!

I sometimes just lose it.
That’s the beauty, that you always get back!

I feel better with all the answers now!
You had them all within!

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