Tuesday, December 30, 2014

You are a 27 year old single girl, shame on you.

You are a 27 year old single girl, shame on you.
Your parents are dying because the society is mocking them.
Your grandparents are dying, because they are dying to see their grandchildren get married.
Your relatives are dying, they are dying of concern, because you are a 27 year old single.
And you are confused and wondering what is the fuss about, why is everybody dying, stressed, embarrassed?
Oh you wouldn’t know this, because you are not a parent of a 27 year old single girl.[Oops!]

So are you against marriage?

Then what is your problem, just talk to the guys from the various matrimonial sites.
They are good, they look good, tall, educated, abroad-citizen, well-to-do families. So what else could you possible want?

You are not able to blend with the arranged marriage scenario? 

Hell! Why not? Every other girl in this country is getting hitched in the same way, what’s your excuse?
Oh, so it just doesn’t feel right to you, and you feel tortured?

Now you are just behaving like a rigid, self-centered, selfish, ignorant girl who doesn’t know how the society works, you have no clue girl.

But she does feel tortured, she feels chained and sad, she is unable to live her daily life in the way she always does, she is unable to do the things that she loves doing and comes naturally to her, this is not the way she can walk.
She is a right-handed person, as much she tries, She can never be a left-handed.
Does this sound dramatic to you? You feel she is living in her own make-belief world? Its not drama, it hurts..

Well, for instance..
how do you feel when your marriage falls apart?
When you are not able to conceive babies?
You have the best degrees and work experience, but are sitting jobless at home?
You are extremely passionate about your work, but still it doesn’t work?
You are a vegetarian but are forced to try meat?

[I could just go on]

Don’t you feel dejected? Don’t you still want to believe in yourself?
Then why does the 27 year old single girl has to be dramatic if she is not able to go with the conventional way?
Oh, is it because, she has always done things differently since she was a child? Or is it, her thoughts sometimes appears way to bold for your belief-system?  Or is it that she dares to be the way she wants to be?
Yes, one should try various things, but at the end one always comes back to oneself. 
Why is home the best and the safest place on the earth?
Because it is yours, it knows you, you don’t have to pretend. So you can go wherever or for however long, but you always return to your home.
That 27 year old, tried the way which the ‘dying’ society appreciates but she couldn’t live in that and she wants to return to her home [to being herself]

C’mon, all these are just words, you will grow old, you won't be able to have babies and then you will start being lonely without a man in your life. And then what would you do?

But, all of us are anyways growing old, and what if she doesn’t want babies and what if  is she doesn’t need a man? And if at all she has to, she can have a partner at any given age. Why does she have to go through the mess for something which doesn’t even exist right now? Yes, she wants to get married, but not settle for it just because of age/society. Just let her be! She is done fine for herself uptil now, She will do fine in future too. Just let her be!

Because, she is a 27 year old single girl. Shame on her.
You can only be happy if you are married to man [preferably of your own caste, I guess, they come with certain guarantees]
And what about your parents who have lived more than half of their lives in their own way, you want to let them down?

But what about her? She doesn't fit in their ways of thinking.
Its simple people, if she is a size 28, why would she wear a 32.

Because, your parents know the best, and if they say 32, its 32.

It doesn’t make any sense.

Its not about the sense, its about the society and only society makes sense.
So you are nothing but a 27 year old, single girl, who has a different set of beliefs and God alone knows, why can't you just drop those beliefs, stop trusting yourself and surrender to the conventional ways of this society. Why can't you just do what every other girl does?

Because, she is a shameless, 27 year old girl, and she believes in her beliefs and she will honor them. She will not go against her core.
She is this way, because the universe intended to make her like this and the universe will take care of it. She is not here to explain her pain and her suffering nor is she here to become a subject to anybody else’s pains and sufferings.
So yes, She is a 27 year old single girl and she puts down her foot today.
She doesn't care if people think that this is a drama. If you think its a drama, applaud and/or leave the auditorium.

P.S – This one is for all those single people out there living under the pressures of the so called matrimonial bliss that they are missing.
You are not missing anything, except the present which is promising you happiness, but you choose to let society bog you down and feel miserable.
Rebel, if you have to. And take the statement’Everyone is unique’ in a damn serious manner. We were taught this as kids, right?!
And to all the married people out there, Marriage is a beautiful institution only when one marries for all the right reasons and from the heart. So kudos to you couples who are happily married.

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